Charmed Season 1 Episode 21 "Red Rain" Recap and review

The upgrade!!!

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In this episode, the Harbinger is infecting everyone in Hilltown. The people in the town are in the hospital with blood coming out of their eyes, noses, mouth, and ears. The Sister's figure out that Hunter is infected with the Harbinger in Tartarus, and when they vanquished him, it started the infected everyone at the Cinco de Mayo party.

Niko is also in the hospital, but not because of the Harbinger infection. Niko brain is in shambles up after Mel told her she changed her memories. Galvin suggests he and Macy do a spell that he was going to use to get the demon out of Macy to get the Harbinger out of everyone. They perform the spell, and at the end, Galvin says the spell requires sacrifice, and he sacrifices himself even though Macy tries to stop him. Parker is calling out to Maggie, and she does a spell to get in contact with him. He tells her she needs to stop Fiona from killing Charity because she is the last siege and the prophecy will go into motion if she dies.

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Maggie and Harry find Charity in a garden she likes and tells her they want to protect her. Charity has a flower to perform the Akkadian Smokescreen to hide from Fiona. She needs to speed up the cycle of the plant so it will bloom, so Harry gets Mel. She is angry at Charity but agrees to speed up the life cycle of the plant, so Charity can hides. Harry and Charity go to the vortex to finish the Akkadian, and Fiona finds them and kills Charity.

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The sky turns red and dark since the prophecy is starting to take place. Alastair takes Maggie to get Parker to come so he can put the Source into Parker. Macy, Mel, and Harry go to find Maggie, and she is tied to a tree and Fiona and Alastair are getting ready to put the Source into Parker. Fiona ignites the flame that controls magic around Maggie, and she dies in the process since she did not know Macy stripped her of her immortality.

Alastair says Parker has to walk through the flame to save Maggie even though he will become the Source if he does. Macy takes the Origin Dagger from Parker and walks through the flame to save Maggie, taking on the Source. Alastair tells Macy he will do her bidding after she takes on the Source and she kills him. Macy takes her sisters and Harry home, and they say that they should talk about her new powers. Macy says there is no need and there is something she has to do. She goes to Galvin and says she is going to save him and he opens his eyes.

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I enjoyed this episode since there was a lot of action. I am excited to see what will happen now that Macy has taken on the Source. It is also interesting that not Macy and Galvin will both have been brought back from the dead so that could affect their relationship. It is also interesting that both Charity and Fiona died in this episode since they were a big part of this season.

I give this episode a 9 out of 10.