Charmed Season 1 Episode 22 "The Source Awakens"

This episode of Charmed starts with Macy opening the door to the manor and her mother being there. We then go back and see that Maggie, Mel, and Harry are all worried about Macy taking on the source. They find out she brought Galvin back and people who were saved by his spell are dying. Macy hears Maggie and Mel saying they would be comforted by their mother. Macy says she is going to bring their mother back and Harry tries to stop her but she still brings her back.

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Macy goes to the house to see her mother and her mother dies because of the curse Nancy put on her. Maggie and Mel see their mother dead and don’t know who Macy is because they never met her in reality when her mother never died. Macy goes to Nancy and Nancy says Macy needs to find a different sacrifice so she can see her mother. Macy decides to choose Mel as a sacrifice because she feels that Mel doesn’t accept her. Macy changes realities so Mel is in Seattle and Macy is with her mother. Maggie lives at Kappa because she feels that Macy wants her to stay away from them. Harry gets into a cab in Seattle that Mel is driving and they recognize each other though they are not sure how.

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Their noses start bleeding and they realize that there is something they are forgetting. They go to a place where whitelighter get their memories back and find a potion to restore their memories. After they get their memories back, they go to Hilltown to find Maggie. Maggie drinks the potion as well gets her memories back and they talk to Macy. Macy says Mel is not supposed to be there are tries to strangle her with her powers and Mel, Maggie, and Harry orb out. Macy goes to the attic see her mother and Marisol falls out of the window, where she died the first time. Maggie and Harry go to Macy and Macy say that she is the problem and creates a reality without herself.

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Maggie and Mel still have their memories from drinking the potion and they go to Macy’s room and see their mom there. They explain what Macy did to her and she gives them a spell to get the source out of her and a spell to go back in time to when their bond severed. Maggie, Mel, and Harry go back to when Macy first took on the source. They try talking to Macy to try to get her to get rid of her power. She does not want to and throws Mel into the stairs. She feels guilty for hurting Mel and sends Maggie, Mel, and Harry to New York. They go back to the attic to try to talk to Macy. The power comes out of her nearly knocking Maggie, Mel, and Harry out of the window. Maggie and Mel tell her they are not going to leave her since they realize she is afraid of being abandoned. There was a nice symbolism here since their mother died by falling out of the window.

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Macy calms down and the girls all hug and do a spell to take away the source’s power from Macy. Maggie goes to talk to Parker and he tells her he is going to leave to try to get in control of his demon side. The girls all go back to the manor after Galvin’s funeral and all of the magical creatures they helped over the year are there. The creatures tell them they want the sisters to take over for the elders since they all died. The girls agree and they all go inside and Macy closes the door with her powers.

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This was a very exciting finale and it did a good job and bringing the whole season together. There were also some nods to the original show with May closing the door at the end and Galvin dying reminded me of Andy dying. It was nice seeing the sisters come together to get the power out of Macy even though I would have liked to see her deal with the power for a little longer. It was also nice seeing Macy getting to spend time with her mother and Maggie and Mel seeing their mother again. Even though the series started out slow, I feel that is picked up near the end and developed its own voice. I am looking forward to next season.


I give this episode a 9 out of 10.