#Charmed Season 1 Episode 5- "Other Women" Recap & Review

This episode of Charmed revolves around all of the girl’s relationships. The episode starts with Harry startling Macy in the shower, and we discover that Harry is living in the house with them. Mel is still worried about Niko because she still thinks that Tripp killed the three victims on Halloween.

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Niko tells Mel that Tripp had evidence that her mother’s death might have been a murder and she thinks he might have been killed because of the evidence. Niko remembers a cabin that Tripp talked about. She says she wants to go there to see what evidence he has about the murder of the girl’s mother. While she is there, she sees Tripp, even though she was told that he was dead and he starts a fire with green flames.

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Mel comes to the cabin and saves her though she is not able to freeze the fire she is able to get Niko out. She tells Harry about it, and he says it is hell flame which is started by a shapeshifter, a powerful demon that is known for completing its mission and its mission is to kill Niko. Mel wants to save Niko so she wants to perform a spell that changes history so that Mel and Niko would have never met and Niko would have never come to Hilltown.

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Harry warns Mel that there will be unintended consequences, but she still wants to go through with it.  The girls complete the spell and try to comfort Mel afterward. Mel discovers that someone else is teaching her class as a consequence of the spell since Niko woke up Mel on the day of their interview. Lucy asks Maggie to find out who Parker was cheating on her with after he broke up with her and she finally confesses and says it was her and Lucy is mad at her and kicks her out of Kappa.

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Macy finds out that Galvin in seeing another girl, Summer, and when she tells Maggie about it she thinks that Galvin might be under Summer’s spell and she might be a succubus. They try to find out who Summer is and go to a bar where Summer and Galvin will be. Maggie and Macy find out that she is not a succubus when they try to do a spell on her and nothing happens.

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Macy still sees a mark on Galvin so Harry thinks he still might be under a spell. The episode ends with the shifters saying they need powerful witch DNA and saying want to get it from Macy. It will be interesting to see what other consequences will come from Mel’s spell to change history and if Niko will find each other again.

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I am also interested to see how the girls will protect Macy from the shifters.

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Overall I would rate this episode 8/10.