#Charmed Season 1 Episode 6 "Kappa Spirit" Recap

This episode of Charmed starts with Mel in bed still upset over Niko. Maggie and Macy take her out for a drink to cheer her up, and while they are there, they see Lucy. Lucy is still mad at Maggie, and the other Kappas tell her she needs to calm down. Maggie leaves and tries to meditate, but we see a ghost comes into the room. At Macy’s work, she is told that everyone has to give blood samples, so she does. Maggie goes to the Kappa house and sees Lucy with Brenda, who Lucy says is a pledge, but Maggie doesn’t recognize her.

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Maggie looks her up but discovers she is a ghost who was a Kappa Pledge who died in 1989 when she drank too many wine coolers and fell off the roof. She and Mel look for a spell to try and get rid of the ghost. They find one, and it transports them back to the late 80s when Brenda was still alive although nobody can see them.

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They see the Kappa president, Jenna, being mean to her and telling Brenda she is not in Kappa anymore. They also see their mother there who is pregnant with Macy and their mother was talking to someone about how worried she was about the baby. Macy is still concerned about the mark she saw on Galvin, and she goes to Galvin’s birthday part with Harry to try to keep an eye on Galvin.

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Summer gets jealous when she thinks Macy is checking out Galvin when she is showing Harry the mark. Macy later looks up the mark and sees it might be a symbol of well designed to make the target immune to magical beings. Maggie and Mel go to the Kappa house and see several pledges tied up there. They let them go and figure out that Brenda is going to try to get her revenge on Jenna. They go to Jenna’s house, and Jenna tells them that Brenda was bullying the Kappa girls first and that is the reason that she was kicked out. Jenna also says that girls kept dying the same way by drinking wine coolers and falling off the roof.

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Mel figures out that Brenda’s ghost is making the girls do this and Maggie figures out that Brenda is going to try to do the same thing with Lucy. They get to the Kappa house and see Lucy on the roof about to jump. Mel is able to freeze Lucy after she jumps, but Brenda keeps trying to disrupt her, so Harry was able to get Lucy frozen in midair and bring her down.

Maggie realizes that she has been a lousy friend for acting like a victim after Lucy was mad at her and this is the reason that Brenda targeted her. Maggie apologizes, and Brenda leaves. Lucy wakes up later and doesn’t remember what happened but doesn’t feel as angry with Maggie. Maggie tells her that she had too many wine coolers and they talked, and she would like to be her friend when she is ready to forgive her.

Macy goes to a priestess to try and figure out the symbol on Galvin, and the priestess says it is a sign to protect him. She also says that Macy should stay away from him because she has darkness in her and is different from her sisters. Macy gets angry at her and leaves. The shifter from the last episode then comes to Macy’s work and takes the blood that she had to give at the beginning of the episode. Macy remembers the priestess saying “the pillar of your past holds the key to your darkness.”

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Macy was able to find a box in a pillar of the house and sees a key in it. It will be interesting to see what Macy will find out about her darkness and to see if her father was evil since she has a different father from Maggie and Mel. It will also be interesting to see what the shifter will do with her blood.

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 Overall this was a good episode, and I give it an 8 out of 10.