Charmed Season 1 Episode 7 "Out of Scythe" Recap

It can be challenging to be a witch and have a career. While the last couple of episodes have revolved around the girl’s romantic relationships, in this episode the girls are trying to figure out their careers.

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Macy promoted to lab supervisor which she likes, but she doesn’t like not feeling like one of the group anymore. Macy first order of business was to fire Galvin, which she plans on doing but then she decides not to do it and let go someone else.

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Maggie thinks about dropping out of school because she's not sure what she wants to do and she does not feel as smart and motivated as her sisters. She later decides to stay in school and be a psychology major. She says that since she can read people’s minds, she wants to be able to understand them. Maggie also starts seeing Parker after Lucy starts seeing someone else. Mel is now a bartender after doing the spell, so she and Niko never met caused her to lose her teaching jobs.

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Mel is supposed to be coming up with a topic for her thesis but is having a hard time. Mel later decided she wants to drop out of school because Mel thinks she might only have wanted an academic career to follow in her mother’s footsteps. At the beginning of the episode Harry says the girls might have felt a hell quake which is like an earthquake that only magical beings can think that signals that something terrible is going to happen.

Maggie says she felt something and a little while later someone comes to the girl’s door and says someone is trying to steal a shard of the scythe of Tartarus. There are three shards of the scythe, and if someone gets all three, they would be able to free demons from Tartarus, where the worst demons Sare kept. The demon who stole the paint canister with the harbinger in it is not able to open it and thinks a demon from Tartarus would know how.

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After a second shard gets taken, the girls discover that the key that Macy found in the last episode is the third shard of the scythe. They try to lure the demon there so they can get rid of him but while he is there a woman who Mel was talking to at the bar before comes and takes the key. The woman shoots Mel with an energy bolt, and Mel notices that the mark she gets is the same as the one her mother had when she was murdered.

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 In the end, we find out that Parker was the demon who came into the house and the son of the demon who took the paint canister. I was not that surprised at the reveal that Parker was a half demon and the one who was after the scythe since it seemed that there was something different about him. When Maggie said she could read his thoughts, I thought it might have been Parker.

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It will be interesting to see how Maggie will react when she finds this out. I am also interested to find out why the mother had the key.

I give this episode 8 out of 10