#Charmed Season 1 Episode 8 "Bug A Boo" Recap & Review

This episode of Charmed starts with the sisters chasing after Jada, the girl who took the scyth in the last episode. She gets away from them and releases someone from Tartarus.

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Mel later sees Jada, and she says she is a half witch and half whitelighter and she wanted to recruit her for a group called the Sarcana which is a group of witches who don’t follow the elder’s rules. Mel asks her who she released from Tartarus, and she tells a powerful witch who the elders put there as a punishment for not following the rules.

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Mel at first is unsure of joining them, but after hearing this, she wonders if she should be listening to the elders. Charity first says she doesn’t want Mel to join them since her younger sister Fiona was involved with them and they made her use her powers and then wouldn’t help her after and she was declared insane and committed suicide.

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Charity later says she wants Mel to join them though it is not clear why. The girls also discover that someone is missing, and at first, they think it was whoever Jada released from Tartarus, but they find out it was a circada demon. Maggie is working for a dating app called aptitude and the person who signs up the most people for the app get to go to Chicago for the summer.

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Maggies convince Macy to sign up, but it turns out that the Circada demon is using the app to get its prey. The Circada demon takes Macy after her date, and the girls are able to find her and get rid of the Circada by using a fumigation spell. Macy later realizes that she still wants to be with Galvin after he has broken up with Summer and she calls him, but he is hit by a car while he is going to meet her.

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It will be interesting to see who Jada released from Tartarus and if it someone who is somehow related to the girls. It will also be interesting to see if Galvin will be okay. It was nice to get a P3 reference in the episode when the girls were trying to figure out what level the demon was on they find it is level P3.      

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Overall, I give this episode an 8 out of 10