#Charmed Season 1 Epsiode 9 "Jingle Hell"

Midseason finales are usually significant episodes, and this Charmed episode did not disappoint.

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The holidays bring people together, and everyone was brought together in this episode and getting into the Christmas spirit. Galvin broke his leg after being hit by a car in the last episode, and he comes to the house to see Macy. Macy still thinks she is a danger to him because of the mark when he tries to kiss him, and he falls over. Parker also comes over to give Maggie a necklace for Christmas.

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The necklace is meant to take the girls power to help Parker get rid of his human half. If he can get rid of his human half, he will be able to become the source of all evil. While he is shaking Galvin’s hand, Macy sees the mark on Galvin glow and Parker wince, and she becomes suspicious of Parker. Parker’s half-brother,

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Hunter knocks out Macy and ties her up, so she doesn’t tell Maggie about the mark. He shifts into Macy and tells Mel the mark is malfunctioning. Mel goes to the Sarcana and becomes one of them to try to figure out if they were the ones that killed her mother though she thinks they might be innocent. Harry figures out that the demon who shifted into Macy isn’t Macy and Hunter attacks the girls and Parker shifts into his demon self to try to save the girls.

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Maggie is upset when she finds out that Parker is a demon. In the end, they open the portal to Tartarus to get rid of Hunter, and he is sucked in and drags Harry with him. It will be interesting to see how they will get Henry out and what will happen between Parker and Maggie.

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This has probably been my favorite episode so far since there was a lot of action and so much was revealed. This episode also felt like a throwback to the original Charmed since the relationship between Maggie and Parker mirrored the relationship between Phoebe and Cole.