#Charmed Season 2 Episode 1 "Safe Space"

This first episode of the second season of Charmed already pushes this show in a very different direction. It starts with Maggie’s birthday and all of the girls are celebrating with a big party. After the death of the elders last season, Mel is focused on helping the magical community. Macy has offered a new job a few hours away and she wants to take it because she wants a new start.

Charmed 101 1.gif

The next morning, the girls are cleaning up and an assassin comes in and tries to kill girls. The girls call for Harry but he is not able to stop the assassin. The assassin destroys the book of shadows which was a big surprise since the book is so important to the show and the sisters. A portal opens and the girls enter, but not before the assassin hits Macy with an arrow. Harry stays behind to hold back the assassin and we can see the assassin stab Harry in the neck.

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The girls land in a control room and learn their auras are wiped away and the elders created the portal as a last resort to help them if something happened to the book of shadows. They go outside of the control room and discover they are at a place called safe space in Seattle and they soon discover that they do not have their powers. Mel tries to find a phone to call Harry and Maggie tries to find a first aid kit to help Macy since she is bleeding after being hit by the arrow. Mel borrows someone’s phone to call Harry but he does not answer.

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Macy is having dreams about Harry which seems to be related to her being hit by the arrow. Maggie gets a first aid kit and puts a bandage on Macy’s leg but her leg is turning green so she thinks she needs magic to help her. The girls go back into the control room and they see a red light on a switchboard and a button lights up and Maggie presses it and another portal opens. The girls go through it and wind up in Vermont. They enter a house that has a witch symbol there and finds two dead witches there.

The girls figure out that the switchboard is an alarm system that alerts them when witches are in trouble. Two rat demons come in and Macy shoots fire at one of them since she still has her demonic powers. They call Harry and he heals Macy but takes in some of the poison which weakens him and he is not able to orb out of Vermont. Maggie takes a marble she found before they left and a portal opens back to the original command center.

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Macy asks Harry what happened to him after the girls went through the portal and he says he died and came back to life and he didn’t see the assassin’s face. Harry tells the girls they have the opportunity to walk away from magic but they decide they want to keep being witches. He also tells them all of the other Whitelighters are dead since they were connected to the elders.  They all decide to stay in Seattle since it is not safe for them in Hilltown with the assassin still after them. Harry shows the girls that the house went through the portal with them to Seattle so they stay in the house.  

 There is then a flashback where we can see Harry take the mask off of the assassin and the assassin looks like Harry. This season is already off to an exciting start and I am looking forward to seeing what will happen next. I am interested to see what is going on with Harry since it is not clear if it is Harry or the assassin. I am also looking forward to seeing how the girls will adjust to their new lives and how they will get their powers back.