#Charmed Season One Recap

The first season of the Charmed reboot starts with Maggie and Mel Vera losing their mother. A woman, Macy Vaughn, comes to their house and tells them she is their half-sister. All three girls notice weird things happening. Maggie notices she can hear people’s thoughts when she touches them, Mel notices she can freeze time, and Macy notices she can move objects with her mind.


Harry, the new head of women’s studies at the university where Maggie attends and Mel works,  kidnaps them and ties them up and explains that they are witches and that their mother was murdered. They decide to embrace their destiny as witches and to fight demons and find out who murdered their mother. All three sisters get romantic interests. Mel has a girlfriend, Niko, who leaves her after she feels that Mel is pulling away from her after her mother dies but they later get back together. Maggie meets a guy she is attracted to, Parker, who goes to her school. Macy starts to like a friend from her lab, Galvin.


There is a student, Angela Wu who is in a coma. Angela gets infected by the harbinger, which has come to release the source of all evil. An elder, Charity, comes to help the girls with the harbinger and she reveals that the girls’ mother was an elder. Charity also tells the sisters they have to kill Angela because the harbinger could kill everyone. Mel does a spell and finds out that Angela instills in her body and decides to help her. The sisters performed an exorcism to get the harbinger out of her and put it in a paint can.


Niko is targeted by a shapeshifter demon for knowing information about Mel’s mother died. Mel is not able to stop the shapeshifter and performs a spell to make it as if she and Niko never met so Niko won’t be in danger. Mel does not have her teaching job she had before since Niko woke her up for the interview. Mel gets a job at the local bar, the haunt.


Maggie discovers that Parker is a demon during Christmas when he saves her from his brother and she is very upset. Henry is dragged into Tartarus, where the worst demons are kept. He is tortured by being shown his memories and he finds out he had a son. Harry finds his son but decides he does not want to bother him. Macy finds out she and Maggie are full sisters and Mel is their half-sister.


Macy also finds out she died when she was a baby and her mother brought her back to life with a necromancer. She calls the necromancer, Nancy, and finds out she puts demon blood in everyone she brings back to life which makes her worried about the darkness in her. Macy realizes she can use her demon side to see events that happened in the past. She can see that Charity killed her mother but Charity uses her powers to make her forget.


Later, Macy starts noticing weird things happening, such as forgetting things and scars on her arms. Macy figures out Charity killed her mother and Charity is sentenced to go to Tartarus but Alistair, Parker’s father, releases her before she goes there. Alistair is trying to fulfill the prophecy about the apocalypse and release the source. He fulfilled the prophecy after killing all of the elders and releasing the harbinger. There is a virus released by the harbinger that is infecting everyone and Galvin sacrifices himself to stop it. Alistair attempts to put the source in Parker but Macy takes it in instead. 


Mel, Maggie, and Henry are worried about what this means and they think that it will be too much power for her. Macy uses her power to bring Galvin back to life and the others are worried about her use of power. Macy starts changing realities to make the others more comfortable and realizes she wants her mother back. Maggie and Mel talk to Macy and tell her they are never going to leave her. She calms down and is willing to get rid of the power of the source.


The sisters do a spell and take the power out of Macy and put it in a locket and have Harry hide it in three different parts of the world. In the end, the different creatures the girls helped over the season come and tell the girls they need someone to lead them since the elders are all dead and they agree.


This was an interesting first season and I am excited to see what will happen next. Since the girls already fought the source, it will be interesting to see what villains they fight next.