#Charmed Season 1 Episode 10 "Keep Calm and Carry On" Recap

This episode of Charmed revolves around trust. Parker is trying to get Maggie to trust him again, but she doesn’t think she can. Mel believes she can trust Jada and the Arcana. Macy believes she can trust Galvin with her secret that she is a witch.

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The girls are trying to get Harry back from Tartarus, where he is being tortured by being shown memories of his old life. They decide to exchange the harbinger of hell that they trapped in the paint can. After they convince Charity, she gives them the paint can, not knowing that it was exchanged. Maggie is still upset after finding out Parker is a demon and does a spell to take away her feeling.

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The girls go to one of the guardians of Tartarus that Jada tells Mel about and give him the paint can to try to get Harry back. He discovers it is empty and gets angry and sends Maggie to Tartarus. Charity realizes that Parker’s father mesmerized her and switched the paint cans. Mel and Macy go to Parker to get the paint can back. They bring the paint can to the guardian of Tartarus get Maggie and Parker back.

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Harry saw in one of the memories in Tartarus that he had a son and Charity tells him that he is still alive. Mel thanks Jada for helping and Jada kisses her and we can see Niko taking pictures of them. In the end, Macy discovers she and Maggie share a father and Mel and Maggie don’t share a father. I thought this was an exciting episode and many questions were brought up. It will be interesting to see why Niko was photographing Mel and Jada and how Maggie and Macy share a father.

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I give this episode a 9 out of 10