#ChciagoFire (S5, Ep. 12) "An Agent of the Machine" Recap/Review

Thrills, a break and even a job change all in this episode of Chicago Fire. 

"An Agent of the Machine" is a continuation from the previous episodes, mostly from Casey's guy who was trapped in that apartment fire and Severide's relationship. But another element has been added to give it some spice as well.

So let's get to Casey, it became a serious issue when he and Dawson were at the supermarket getting beer and popcorn until a mysterious guy asked Dawson about a burn that he has suffered. IT turns out to be that guy from the fire that Casey put off to help Kidd.  He tells her that her team will get what's coming and leaves. 

Antonio tells them that he'll have Halstead on the case, and doing so this guy that's after Casey and 51 turned out to be a real threat. With all hands on deck and not leaving anyone alone on call, they find who this guy is and a bottle of pills that were left. So they called up the local drug store and had them call the guy for a perception issue that he needs to come down, well when he did it turns out that it wasn't him that it was some other guy paid to be him.

While that was happening 51 gets a call of a warehouse fire, there happens to be someone in there, that turns out to be Casey's guy. Casey and Kidd are stuck on the floor where the guy is shooting up a store. Meanwhile, the guy has a bomb that could take out the neighborhood in the back of the warehouse. Severide and team try to empty it out and poor water in it. Trying to play the shooter, Casey makes a jump on him by knocking him out.  But better news for Dawson-Casey is that he finally put a ring on her finger.

Love is not in the air for Britt and Antonio, as Brett got a word or two from his ex-wife coming to pick little Antonio up. Brett didn't like it at all and tried to tell Antonio about it. But he has an issue of not taking the blame for himself but blaming other things like his job and such. But don't worry he did full apologize about it but it seems that Brettonio is taking a break.

One person not taking a break, Severide as he has someone from Springfield, IL to come and obverse the team. After a hard day with the shooter and the bomb that he helps disarmed, the guy offered Severide a job down in Springfield to take over his position. How funny this came up knowing that the girl that he has a crush on lives down there too. Will Severide leave 51? I guess we'll just have to find out.

This was a really good episode. It was enough to put me on the edge of my seat. Love the Dawson-Casey danger drama and love the Severide-Casey bromance that so reminds me of Greene-Ross (ER). I'm not sure I would want Severide to leave. I mean I think he's better off with Kidd to say the least. I thought the writing was good and the cast did a great job. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

You can catch Chicago Fire Tuesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.