#ChicagoFire S5 Ep. 1 "The Hose or the Animal" Season Premiere Recap and Review

Tuesday night's best drama is back!!!

Chicago Fire premiered last week, and it opened the floodgates of some great drama.

The premiere picks off the next morning, Severide and Kidd are awake and nothing seem to happen, even though Kidd's ex-was in the apartment while they were there. Kidd gets the message from Dr. Charles about him and soon tells Severide about it. The rest will be saved later in this piece.

Dawson and Casey are handling parenthood really well. They seem to get the ring to it. After a call of a bus and getting hit with a pipe from a fired up garbage truck, Dawson couldn't get the thoughts of what would happen if something really happened to her or Casey. And with that in mind what will really happen to Louie now that he's in their lives.

With that in mind, Boden and Jimmy quickly butted heads. I think they've been in his office more than three times to talk and the last one drew fire to Boden as Jimmy wanted to go back on truck and he decline to do that, but Jimmy handed him a complaint file on him. 

Boden confront him and wanted him back in the office and after a warning, Jimmy gave him one hell of a stand still. Oh this isn't going to be over, even though Boden was denied and Jimmy was granted to comeback to Truck 81. 

But with Jimmy gone and back on Truck 81, that leaves an opening at paramedic. And the right person came back for the job, Dawson. Dawson and Britt back together again and this time Dawson gets to drive the truck as Shay wouldn't let her (and made me really think if Shay actually did that).

Dawson and Britt's first call was a gunshot victim and while trying to treat him, the people were getting a bit rowdy. But Antonio came to the rescue and calmed the folks and helped get the victim to the ambulance, where the victim is his CI. But there was a glace from Britt looking at Antonio and even the him too. Here's the romance starting up!! Will it still happen when he goes to Chicago Justice, I wonder.   

Britt has found these fantasy firefighter stories, some fictional and rest of it hot and steamy fictional fantasy. The names in the stories seems familiar and got everyone wondering who wrote it. But Britt figured it out that it was Mouch who wrote it and the two agreed to write together some of the best hot fictional fantasy firefighter stories ever. I hope they come out with it in bookstores. 

As the day was coming to an end, Kidd working at Molly's was taking stuff to the garbage can, til her ex was there and calling her names. Holding a knife, he screams and all that, but Severide stops him and the two fight. Trying to stab Severide, he gets knocked down and Severide picks up what looked like a stick and knocked him down, but it must of had something sharp at the end because Kelly sliced his throat and both Kidd and Severide looked at each other. 

This was a really good season premiere. Never held back, the writing was amazing and the performances from some of the cast members were outstanding once again. Steven McQueen and Eamonn Walker was amazing with the two characters really on the edge (mostly Jimmy). 

Looks like Severide is going to be in trouble again, even though he was defending himself and Kidd. I question whether or not Casey is going to still run for office. And of course, Dawson and Britt a good match, I can't wait to see where this will lead to.

You can catch Chicago Fire Tuesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.