#ChicagoFire (S5, Ep. 13) "Trading In Scuttlebutt" Recap/Review

Well, what can I say about tonight's episode of Chicago Fire that hasn't been tweeted out during the show? 

I don't think I ever used mean words to a character so much in a while or so. Tonight's episode really was good in a way of drama. "Trading in Scuttlebutt" had the good, bad and the heartwarming moments and let's not forget the WTF! moment too.

Let's start with Severide, he gets a job offer of being the new Chief at a firehouse in Springfield. Looking around the house seems to get new stuff every year and when the Chief greeted him and told him the many things that he could do like go into the fire or stay and be the look like (kind of what Bowden does). But he offered him what seems to be a nice big pay contract. 

But after he took a look at the sights: meaning making a quick visit to Anna, who works in an ER as a nurse. The two have a nice chat and kiss. Will Severide choice to move to Springfield? 

Meanwhile, Brett is trying to change her lifestyle from speaking different language to working out in the firehouse. Dawson trying to cheer her up, tries to think of setting her up with someone, but instead her and Kidd takes Brett out to have some fun and meets a guy who asked her to marry her because his green card will expire (Oh NO!!!).

But the real kick the to balls comes when the firehouse gets a call of an accident with a car and a truck with concrete pipes. While there another firehouse is there ready to do their thing, the Chief get his men on it but Bowden sees the top pipe moving and tells him to stop and has his Casey and the team to secure it. After that it turns to one hell storm coming when word gets around about hoe Bowden topped the other Chief during that call.

It gets out of hand when he comes to 51 with inspections and even calling out how bad his firehouse really is from Jimmy going against him to Severide with a hit and run (and me yelling at the television telling him that it was a car theft turned hit and run, dumb ass!!!). But it got worst after he came on a call and Severide didn't take his order. Now this Chief has resigned almost everyone to other firehouses. WTF!!!!!

This was a great episode, if I do say because I literally threw my phone down after the word that everyone was moving. I thought that everyone did a great job, but once again I think the performance should go to again David Eigenberg's Herrmann, who thought was going to get robbed turned out to trust his gut and helped a guy out with money to look better for a new job. It just proves that Herrmann is the heart and soul of the team. The writing was so solid and the directing was good. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What are your thoughts on tonight's episode? From Severide to Brett even the WTF moment at the end: Any thoughts
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