#ChicagoFire S5, Ep. 14 "Purgatory" Recap/Review

One thing for sure, you can't keep the old team down and out for too long. 

"Purgatory" is another great dramatic episode that really made the whole hour fulfilled with intense and humorist scenes. Dividing the 51 to other firehouses was a pretty good story move.

After last week's bombshell came down from Chief Anderson, Bowden, Casey, Severide and Dawson have to work with some newbies and old faces at 51, someone them being too slow on the job. Even training them didn't seem to go well for both Casey and Severide as one of the newbies or floaters stopped and went in to get soup because it was cold. 

Meanwhile, all around Otis tells stories that he wasn't in like Casey in the warehouse for example. Herrmann and Mouch sees firefighters not inspired and moving the couch around too and even seeing Herrmann yelling at Bowden was the tipping point of the episode. And Brett and Kidd sees a new candidate getting a rough treated by the Chief and even Cruz and Capp were working the emergency call lines.

Bowden tried everything he can do to fight this but it seemed that he might have to wait six months to a year to try again and you know that's one long story arch to pull off I would think. But when a hotel fire called on all firehouses, everyone and I mean those that were part of 51 worked together and pulled one hell of a job. Bowden rushes in at a time in need when a door was not opening, he gets there and pulls out one person that was left in that room. As the flames where growing, Otis comes in with the hose and gets them out safe. 

Later that week, Bowden gets a visit from that guy he pulled out from the hotel and apparently he worked for the Mayor's office and would love to give Bowden a medal. But to a thought, he asked in stead of a medal that he could bring back his firefighters back to 51, for which he did and pissed off Anderson one more time. Anderson threatens Bowden again and tells him that he got lucky and Bowden responds saying that he didn't get lucky, it was because he was a damn good firefighter. 

This was a very good mixing episode of Chicago Fire. I enjoyed how Casey, Severide and Dawson hand to handle their new guys, Otis had me yelling at the television every time he was telling a story that he wasn't a part of and I thought that when everyone came together during the hotel fire was one of the best heroic scenes so far that no matter what 51 would be there even if an asshole made the separation. Also I think we all can take a nice side of relief that Severide will be staying in Chicago. The writing was good and so was the directing.  Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Chicago Fire on a special night Wednesday, March 1st at 8/7c for a four show crossover event on NBC.