#ChicagoFire S5, Ep. 17-19 "Babies and Fools"/"Take a Knee"/"Carry On Legacy" Recap/Review

"Babies and Fools"

When a call comes of a car accident, Dawson suspects something very fishy.


When Dawson and Severide get a call of a car accident, they come to a scene where not only a mother was hurt but her youngest child was missing from her car seat. As everyone was searching, one man heard a cry and find the baby in a drain, but the baby would be okay without a scratch on her.


After taking the mother and children to Med, Dawson couldn't stop figuring out how that all happen. And even tried some experimented test like dropping off a piece of concrete from the Fire house roof almost hitting Cruz.


Dawson pushes the detective who's investigating to pick up the pace. After another call for of a man, who probably wanted a free ride to Med for a prescription fill up, another paramedic got a call of an accident and had someone there saving the victim before they got there, which turns out to be the same guy that was at the other scene. Dawson tries to chase him but he left pretty quickly and talked to the detective about it. Even Dr. Charlies got in on it given his opinion that it's hero syndrome, someone who wants 15 minutes of fame.


After that Dawson goes out and investigates the guy's patch that he had on his jacket and got the name. he tells the detective about it and after going to his house with no one home, they left and waited. Later, Firehouse 51 gets a call of an accident and Dawson and Britt are ahead of the other until that man on the overpass drops a piece of concrete on them, but they were okay. Casey and the team chase the man and caught him.


Meanwhile, Casey gets a visitor asking for his help with the construction site near his home. When Casey tries to reason with the boss, the guy wouldn't agree on anything so Casey tries to find a way but nothing and comes to the guy's house and explained to him about it. But it just turned out that the guy wanted to bathroom move away from the guy's bedroom widow. Damn! I know right?


Also Herrmann and Kidd decided to jump on the bar hop route but Otis doesn't like it and even if it did cost a lot, it was worthy everything as there was a massive crowd. But Herrmann was thoughtful in putting one of Otis' idea to good use, disco night.


"Babies and Fools" was a very good episode, memorable at that with how Dawson investigating into the streams of accidents. With that it had a lot more humor with Herrmann , Kidd and Otis for the bar crawl, just when you thought Otis might be right on about it, it turns out to be the complete opposite. Also the Casey story with the guy asking to move the bathroom was funny near the end, but I did feel that Casey did have that Politician charm. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.


"Take a Knee" 

Benny comes back and not in the best way, drunk and was picked up by CPD. Severide picks him up and after he takes a long nap at the firehouse, Benny offers to meet Severide's girlfriend, Anna. Anna was thrilled at first but soon things take a really turn near the end when she appeared at dinner with Benny, his girlfriend and Severide and soon she leaves without making any sense.


Casey spots a house that could be a drug house. After making a quick run after a call, he sees a baby inside the car and tries to break the widow open until the mother, or what assumes to be the mother runs out and takes off. Casey talks with Al from PD about it and after digging around it's a real drug house.


Casey finds the lady that ran out on them earlier, but it wasn't what you would have thought. She was there looking for her other child, who happens to be in the house, being held up from the drug dealer. Casey takes action before the CPD comes in and busting in, they bust in and try to get the girl out, they did successfully, but in a real thriller.


Meanwhile, Herrmann teaches his son about the meaning of what being an American means. He takes him to a breakfast fundraiser for those that serve or had served in the arm forces.  It was very heartwarming.


But the fun part of the episode happens to be with Britt and Dawson as they get a trainee coming along for the day, but when a call comes trying to figure out what may have been the cause. The trainee spots another one and finds a spray and points out what could be but also performed CPR on the guy near him for which he shouldn't have done. He cracks the guy's rib but when Dawson comes over, things were good. Unlike for him he was about the be thrown out of the program until Dawson and Britt say that he was told by them to perform and after that they were told that they need to retake EMT class.


"Take a Knee" was another good episode. The relationship between Anna and Severide  is taken a turn. Casey being the hero once again in the best possible way and Dawson and Britt sees a future EMT that they went out to save him from being thrown out. Anything Herrmann does is just heartwarming at a 110 percent. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.



"Carry Their Legacy"

Things take a turn for the worst in Severide's relationship and an old friend returns to see Casey.


Severide tries to find out about Anna after a call that was just across from Chicago Med. He ask about her to a nurse and responses that Anna took a leave of absent with reason. Soon Kelly went over to Anna's house and asked her dad to see her and soon she invites him in and tells him that her cancer is back and it doesn't look good. Severide gives her a vote of confidences that she can pull this through.


Meanwhile, Casey reunites with a old friend growing up and the two catch up, but when a call comes, a gas leak explosion near a construction site. Casey goes down and recuse not only his friend but two other fire fighters.  But only one of the two that came out survived while the other dead of very bad burns.


Casey's friend really took a toll and takes full responsibility for what had happen but it really wasn't because it was his lieutenant that made that call. Plus what he had put down in his report really didn't make any sense to Casey and Bowden. Casey tries to take to his friend about it but all he can say what that it was his fault, his mistake.


And Dawson and Britt retake EMT class again and this time. It was funny story line in this episode. Dawson acts like the cool kid while Britt studies her best. Both of them past their test.


At the end, everyone gathers at the bar and tries to donate has much as they can for the families of the fire fighters at Molly's.


"Carry Their Legacy" was a powerful episode that had some moments of I could have seen that coming like Anna. The Casey's friend and that gas explosion was a shocker and watching his friend take the fall as well.  I did enjoy watching Dawson and Britt in class, it was just hilarious and also kind a reminds me of my days in school as well. I was more like Britt and I know a couple that were like Dawson some one which are successful today. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.


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