#ChicagoFire S5, Ep. 16 "Telling Her Goodbye" Recap/Review

Chicago Fire returned last night with an intense episode, talk about a birthday episode to remember. 

"Telling Her Goodbye" actually made a return (after two weeks) with a bang. The Firehouse 51 deals with a gang coming in and taking over after they needed a place to hide out from other members that were trying to kill them. 

The episode began like any other day, Dawson and Brett gets a call and heads out to take it. Things were slow for the 51 gunshots were heard near but by the time they try closing the doors it was too late and a group of gang members with one injured forcing their way. 

Kidd takes care of the injured one, but things don't go the way she was hoping for when she tries to explain the guy's injuries, but one of the members thinks that she just wants to kill him and not only threatens her family but also knocks her out after she punches him. 

Severide sneaks his way to call for help, and as soon as he does, Dawson and Brett get word to stay away from the firehouse, but that didn't stop them til they opened the door and Casey was running to get them to turn away and gets shot in the shoulder. 

Now things went from bad to worst just when you think it couldn't get any worst, Herrmann suffers a heart attack but he gets out and is taken to Dawson and Brett but he only pretended to have a heart attach. I do say that he pretty much fooled me with how he was acting with the sweats and discomfort he was showing. 

But the moment of the episode was a mother of the gang member, a young member, who tries to get him to leave and give up. But not listening to her, he goes with what his boss tells him and they try to make a run with the Squad truck with the help from Cruz and Boden, but as soon as they make their way to the truck SWAT team goes in and are in a stand as Bowden and the two members get in the truck. 

But moments later, that young kid holds his boss' gun down, and Boden tries to get him to let go, but the gun goes off, and the bullet bounces off and lands in the neck of the young kid. The guy is taken away, and Dawson saves that young kid pulling the bullet out of his neck, which was blocking blood flow to the brain and heart. 

After everything was done, Casey and the gang look at each other and around them and after walked back in as they carry on with their day like they always do. 

This was an excellent episode as it had me on the edge of my seat and yelling at the television as well from scenes like Kidd who threatens from one of the gang members who also slams her head against the locker doors. Also watching Severide sneaking around got me on edge and shaking while yelling be careful! The writing was excellent as well as the performance from the cast. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

You can catch Chicago Fire Tuesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.