#ChicagoFire S5, Ep. 19-20 "Carry Me"/"Sixty Days" Recap/Review

"Carry Me"

Casey tries his best to save his friend from a career ending decision. And Anna's situation takes a turn for the worst. 


Casey tries to everything possible thinking that his friend's report of the accident was not his fault. After trying to get things into motion, he and Bowden talks to the heads of the fire committee and granted that he's in the clear with a report that it was not his fault but also not anyone else fault as well, keeping the other fire fighters legacy, who had died, intact. And also he's joining House 51.


Meanwhile, Britt tries out once again to be Cruz and Otis' roommate. After going through a horrible interview, she wins them over with free parking tickets. But after a day, she has everything in proper order and fashion but Cruz apologies after he freaks out from her moving his things around. All is cool! Britt would be a cool roommate to have. 


And Severide and Anna's relationship takes a turn for the worst when Anna's cancer takes a bad turn. After a call of a house fire at an elderly lady was trying to save her things. At first, Severide didn't think of why she was there but knowing that she shouldn't have been in there. Anna tells him that it's not about the house, it's the memories. Going back, he talks to the lady of the house and talks about the memories and such. She really gave Severide something to think about and tells Anna when her health was worsen and soon she passes away. Watching Severide's reaction was as painful as watching Dawson and Casey losing their child. After the funeral, Severide drives to the lady's house and helps her take out the board for the door to take with her because she couldn't live there.


Also, Cruz gets into a fight with someone at the bar as he was trying to take the guy out because he was being too much of a jerk. The guy caught Cruz's fire logo on his arm and ran off. Not a good thing. 


"Carry Me" was a very emotional and memorable episode so far. Painful to watch Severide go through that. Nice to see Casey and his friend on good terms after helping him.I thought the writing was very good and the performance from Taylor Kenny was amazing. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.



Sixty Days"

Things seem to change. 


Casey's friend Kannell joins Squad 3 and Severide tries to make him feel at home, by making sure he does his job. At the end of the day, Severide helps him build a dryer for their fire suits. It was pretty nice. 


Meanwhile, Cruz could face being fired or suspended and ask Mouch to help. But Mouch seems to be behind of what's going at the top office. There were changes like new legal and such. Mouch tries his best to help Cruz but at the end, Cruz gets a 60 day suspension and Cruz isn't happy with that result blaming Mouch for being a slacker.


And Dawson gets a visit from her father, who wants to spend some time with her. After she turned him down because she was at work, she goes to his place to visit and finds him in a heat with someone that he owns money. It gets worst when Dawson and Casey were about to have a nice date night til they get a call from Herrmann about her dad upset and drunk that he lost his house. 


"Sixty Days" seems to be the go a head of maybe change is coming with out favorite characters. Mouch, mostly, not up to date on what's going on in at the Fire Office also thinking about retiring and selling smoke alarms as well. I enjoyed this episode it was pretty good and pretty much something I would want to look back and watch again. The writing was good and so was the acting performance. Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.


You can catch the season finale of Chicago Fire tonight at 10/9c on NBC.