#ChicagoFire S5, Ep. 22 "My Miracle" Season Finale Recap/Review


Last night's season finale ended on a tearjerker cliffhanger unlike any other. Hell, I'm still shaking up from it. 

Let's get to recapping, Casey is not only dealing with his alderman problem but also Gabby's father staying with them. He thinks that Dawson's father should get some tough love and get him going on finding a new home and a job but Gabby wants to take some time with him. But when Casey talks with his alderman rivals about agreeing to support each one's bill that they are trying to pass, Dawson's dad comes up and makes a fool out of himself and Casey and the deal was off. That sent Casey to spend the night at Severide's place. 

Meanwhile, when a call of a car accident on the bridge, Herrmann saves a boy that was trapped in the van. The van soon burns in flames including the boy's Chicago Cubs baseball cards, some of them signed by the team and was on their way to get Kris Bryant's autograph. Herrmann felt so bad that he was going to hand him his cards, but apparently he forgot that he sold them years ago for cross country skies but than sold those for something else. But that lead him to go over to Wrigley Field and ask if some of the players Bryant, mostly, would sign the kid's cast. Of course, Herrmann and the team takes him on a ride and introduces them to Kris and Jake as well. Not to mention Mike Tirco, who's amazing too. But also Grandpa Rossy makes a special appearance as a sweeper. 

Cruz is still upset with Mouch and Mouch was trying to make things right but Cruz wasn't going to have it. Cruz keeps acting depress about it and who wouldn't being suspended for sixty days and can't pay for his cousin's college fund. I would too but would know that Mouch had tried everything he had done. But Mouch thinks that with things changing around and being slow he thinks that it's time as he told Trudy after looking back at his Fire Academy class photo. He gets the job as a salesman, who sales gas detectors and other things. 

Casey in the meantime makes an appearance at a alderman meeting and makes a case about his opponent on how is bill would make a big tax cut, but makes his case on his bill how fire fighters are the heroes that put their jobs on the line everyday for the city and makes the case that he's family and his job as alderman have taken a toll. He announces that he would step down and nominates Tamera as his successor. 

Then we come to the factory fire calling everyone to the scene. Bowden gives his gut feeling about a four minute window for his crew to get in and get out but time wasn't on their side at all. Before going in, Mouch tells Herrmann that this will be his last shift that he's going to retire. 

As Squad takes the north, Truck takes the front and soon the fire takes a thing of it's own with the roof coming down. Casey spots someone and tries to take her out, but Bowden calls everyone out of there as the fire grows. Mouch stops and Herrmann tells him they have to go but soon collapses and suffers a heart attack. Cruz, who finally comes to his senses, tries to get Mouch to get up and get out of the building. Soon the ceilings starts to collapses around them not only Casey, Herrmann and Mouch are stuck but also Severide and a few of his men are trapped too.

There was nothing they could do, Casey calls on Gabby on the walkies and tells her how she means a lot to him and that she is his miracle.  It was enough not only to scream out "get the hell out of there" but also cry your eyes out. We see Dawson looking at the front of the factory building as the front entrance in cover with flames and we cut to the end of the scene and the season. 

"My Miracle" was one hell of an episode that not only had humor and heartwarming but gave such an emotional punch at the end that only Chicago Fire could do. That ending, that cliffhanger, was such a powerful scene, still enough to make me rethink it and tear up again. The Herrmann story line was once again so amazing and heartwarming, but don't forget humor as well.

And how about them Cubbies in the episode? Man, Bryant can sure look good on the field, off the field and on television. As for who will live and who will die, that's something I'll have to take my time thinking over this summer. Last time, I didn't think Shay would die but she died in Season three. So as the writers and executives say think of what could make a good storyline for the characters. Overall, I give this episode a 10/10. And I give this season season a true 10/10. This was by far their best season yet. 

To all the #ChiHards (Chicago fans) out there, have a great summer and see you guys in the fall!

 (I'm thinking October again, right? But let's hope for a September premiere).

Chicago Fire will be back in the fall Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.