#ChicagoFire (S5,Ep. 10/11) "The People We Meet"/"Who Lives and Who Dies" Recap/Review

Both "The People We Meet" and "Who Lives and Who Dies" set a real tone both emotionally, fearing and thrilling. Here's a short recap of the previous two episodes of Chicago Fire. 

"The People We Meet"

This episode had fear and emotion written all over it. Let me just say this that there were no dry eyes at the end of this episode and along with that couldn't sleep for another. 

Casey and Dawson after getting news about Louie's father going back, things seemed to go their way, until the father came back and decided to stay and take Louie back. Talk about ripping your heart out twice and doing the chi chi slide, right? 

Dawson and Casey seem to go all the way to keep Louie until they get a meeting with Louie's father along with several other members of his family, for which was just another knife to the gut for our couple. Dawson decides that fighting this would just be hard on all and they decided that Louie should be with his father and family. 

Watching them give away Louie one last time probably stands as one of the most emotional moments of the week (when it aired and still after watching it over and over again). Man, the writers really wanted us to go full tissues when Louie and his father walked down the street as they leave Dawson and Casey. 

Meanwhile, after his accident during the crossover event, Severide gets news that he can't donate bone morrow due to bruises where they're to take the morrow out. But as a big of a man Kelly can be he fights to do it after hearing that he can still donate without pain meds during the procedure. Goodwin tries to stop him but gives him the forms. 

We see the procedure happening, it wasn't as pretty as it looked or even sounded when they take a wide shot, and we hear Kelly screaming like hell. That put fear in my head. It's just the good person in Kelly but also how much he really cares for the lady that he wants to save. 

My thought will be at the bottom along with the thoughts of the next episode.

"Who Lives and Who Dies" 

Talk about the grief and loss in the same episode. 

Severide is back at work and gets word that his lady friend that he saved will be out later in the week. He visits her and sees how she's doing and hoping that they'll be more close friends. She tells him that he can pick her up the next day in the morning but by that time when he gets there she's gone but leaves a message that they'll be together soon. 

Also waiting is Kidd, who happens to wonder what kind of relationship that she and Severide have. They seem to be just friends, but they're more than just friends that we've seen since she came on the team. 

Meanwhile, Casey and Dawson are having some difficult time dealing with the lost of Louie. Casey tries to clean and pack up all the toys and books that were in Louie's room. Also after Herrmann finds a rat getting into some of the food. That made Casey go full battle mode and made all of the Truck get down and clean and move things.

Dawson, on the other hand, dealt with her lost on a father who just learned that his daughter had a baby. He didn't treat his daughter the right way, and Dawson didn't like how it was handled. But she got a word from the daughter's aunt about it and apologies to him for her actions. 

When enough was enough at the house, Herrmann was firm and steady to tell Casey that he and Dawson have to come together and grief together. After talking, they decide to drop off  Louie's stuff to the father and daughter place. Leaving on a nice note, the daughter named her baby Gabby after Dawson.

Shouldn't leave this note out, during a call Casey and Kidd were in the basement of a burning apartment where Kidd needed help to save a kid while Casey was trying to save a man caught underneath stuff. But when Casey tries to help Kidd, the man points a gun at Casey, but he still went to help Kidd and got that child out of the building. Casey and Severide went back in and couldn't find the guy. Was Casey really losing it? I don't think so. Because in tonight's new episode we'll be seeing him. 

Both episodes I thought were really good. Maybe "Who Lives and Who Dies" should really put down the date and time since it's been a week since Severide had his procedure. Other than that, I loved it. The writing was really good and the acting from the three cast members Kinny, Spencer, and Raymund. I can't wait for tonight's new episode to see how this all plays out with that guy and Casey. Overall, I give both episodes an 8.5/10. 

You can catch Chicago Fire Tuesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.