#ChicagoFire S6, Ep. 14-15 "Looking For a Lifeline"/"The Chance to Forgive" Recap/Review

"Looking For a Lifeline"/"The Chance to Forgive"


You know when a show does a two-hour event, you know it's pretty serious that everyone must tune in. This one was one of those events not to miss.

The start of the 2 hour Chicago Fire event started off like any other episode, but when a call comes in of a car accident, Casey seems to think it was more than just an accident. After trying to help the husband and wife, the husband seemed to leave without medical treatment. Casey suspects that the accident was a cry for help from the wife and by way of her husband treats her I wouldn't argue with that assessment. 

Trying to get Antonio and Burgess to help and even Casey telling from his perspective of seeing spouse abuse, but she wouldn't admit to it. That was until Firehouse 51 gets a call from the same house of the couple and sees that she's sitting on the couch and her husband knocked out on the floor upstairs. She admits to Casey that she did it in a way.

Meanwhile, the Brettonio storyline would keep us on the edge when Brett, who's been feeling not herself, might be pregnant and gets support from Dawson. But after taking a pregnancy test, it turns out that she isn't pregnant, but does that still mean she still loves Antonio?

The business of Cruz's invention goes to everyone's head, and Cruz wants to have control over it because it's his and Brett's invention.

But it's when Firehouse 51 gets a call of a house fire but when Kidd and Otis head upstairs, gunshots seem to be firing, hitting Otis and Kidd. The kid of the house had store books of gun bullets that are going off from the fire. But both Kidd and Otis are helped out and taken to Med, with Kidd being okay thanks to her radio, but Otis got it worst when the bullet hit his neck. After surgery seems that Otis could be looking at a long recovery.

Meanwhile, seeing that Kidd might want to leave Severide's place, Casey pushes him to move forward with their relationship. Plus after the pregnancy test came out negative, Brett still has feelings for Antonio, but before she could ever tell him about it, she learns from him that someone had set him up on a blind date, which probably killed the #Brettonio for now.

"Looking For a Lifeline" and "The Chance to Forgive" was a two-hour roller coaster ride of intense, emotionally moments with those humorist moments. It was worth putting this two episode into a two-hour spot. The performance from the cast was once again excellent along with the writing of the episode. Overall, I give this episode event a 910.

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