#ChicagoFire S6, Ep. 16-21 Recap/Review

Catch up in 5 minutes

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Before tonight's two-hour season finale of Chicago Fire and since I been behind on the recaps for Fire this television season, I figure that I try my best to help catch everyone up.

Let's start with the shocking of Otis might not be with Firehouse 51, let alone drive Truck 81 anymore. Yes, there were times where I thought that he could no longer be with the team. But as Otis works his butt off doing psychical therapy, he felt some competitiveness when another fireman comes into the house, Cordova, who doesn't show a whole lot compassion for the team that's thinking about their friend.

But as time goes, Otis, who takes over half the duty from Miss. Connie, gets his results from physical therapy and at first, it doesn't look too good due to him pushing himself hard to get back, but after the next test he finally passed and was welcomed back to Truck 81. But it puts both Otis and Kidd to compete against each other to be the driver of 81 that lead to both of them agreeing to an understanding.

Meanwhile, there has been some history between Cordova and Dawson, and it wasn't too good for Casey when he learns it from a second hand. It puts a damper on them, but when Dawson helps Bria with her prom, it seemed to bring them closer together and started discussing on having children again.

Severide and Kidd's relationship has been a ride to watch from each episode. With taking things nice and easy, it turns awkward when Kelly's mother comes by to visit and get reconnected with Benny. After knowing that Kelly could be like his dad, Kidd decides to move out to live under Herrmann's place, but that all changed when Kelly stops her and brings her back. But if you think that it ended there, it didn't as last week Rene came back and put some reconnecting between her and Severide.

But could Boden be leaving 51 as he puts his hat in the ring, after a strong convincing of Severide and Casey to get everyone to support it, for the new CFD commissioner? But someone else has decided to put his name in the hat, Grissom.

So far this season, Fire has been on the ball with strong stories and fantastic character development. I've been amazed at what this season has been and with the news last night of all Chicago shows being renewed I'm sure after tonight's finale we can't wait to see where we are lead to for next season.

You can catch Chicago Fire season finale tonight at 9/8c on NBC!