#ChicagoFire S6, Ep. 22-23 "One For the Ages"/The Grand Gesture" Season Finale Recap/Review

"One For the Ages"/The Grand Gesture"


The Chicago Fire season finale had everything from its usual humorist moments, emotional and intense moments, relationships grow and maybe a relationship in crisis? Here's a recap!

Let 's start with how Boden and Grissom are now head to head against each other for the CFD Commissioner position. Things get heated up after Boden receives early word that he'll get the position until someone spilled the beans about how he received a donation, but Boden takes the gossip as a threat and talks to Grissom the way Boden does: yelling at him about it. For which didn't help at all and by the time Otis finds evidence about how Grissom tampered the numbers of firehouse calls, it was too late as Grissom was handed the position. 

The relationship between Severide and Kidd are in questions when Rene tries to win him over with their teamwork and her son, who happens to love Severide and bonded very well. Kidd mentions to her about it but does that stop her in any way? As their case goes to trial, things went great as they won the case and both Kelly and Rene had a kissing moment. With Kidd had to get a ride from Herrmann because Kelly forgot to pick her up, she had doubts about their relationship but that all changed when she got into her apartment. Kelly was there waiting for her and told her that it was done and came to be with her as they lay and hug on her bed. 

From one couple to a possible reunite couple with Brett and Cruz, Cruz's feelings has affected his business decisions as someone, who happens to be an equipment salesperson for firefighters, ask if Brett was single. With a no, he then kills the business deal with him, but Brett comes and saves the day after she did turn him down for a date. That got Cruz to thinking that he needs to let her know how he feels about her and tries to set up a trip for them to go on, but after a call for Brett and Dawson goes pretty south and it affects Brett. All Cruz could do is be her friend and sit next to her. 

Let's face it we all were hoping for a happy season ending for #Dawsey, right? Well, you might be thinking wrong as when they're on board to try having a baby, they get word about how if Gabby is pregnant it's a pregnancy that could kill her. For that, Gabby still wants to have her baby and decides for Casey, even though he thinks it best to adopt, but Gabby can't go through that again after Louie. Soon the two had a heated moment after Casey had a chat with the adoption agency but Gabby doesn't want it. Quickly after their argument, it put both Brett and Gabby's relationship in trouble after a call. 

But as Casey and Gabby talked it out again at home, both make perfect arguments to each other, but in this case, I would have to side with Gabby. But after Casey tells her that she's always made the decisions without anyone input, but after that Gabby walks out and later talks to the chief of emergency dispatch about his offer of going to Puerto Rico to help with the hurricane relief. 

"One For the Ages"/The Grand Gesture" was a fantastic two-hour season finale worthy wild ride. From humorist moments that only Chicago Fire brings, to the states of whether or not Severide and Kidd would still be a couple after all that Rene has pulled on him. Even Brett and Cruz was a nice slow restart on their relationship if Cruz does tell her about his feeling for her next season. I'd be scared of what will happen between Boden and Grissom after the big announcement. But the shocking part would be #Dawsey with everything that they want was to have a baby but split on to have their baby or adoption. I think that Gabby might head down to Puerto Rico to maybe clear the air and sometime between her and Matt. The writing was both strong on both episodes, as well as the performances from the cast. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10 and the season a 9/10,


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