#ChicagoFire S7, Ep. 10 "Inside These Walls" Recap and Reivew

Chicago Fire returned this week with what looks to be life-changing events that will have you either shocked or not. Here's a recap!

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The episode picks up right where we left in the fall finale, Casey's apartment is on fire and gets Namoi out by escaping through the walls. Soon, they start telling the detective about what had happened. As much as they give him the information, the detective believes that it could be someone else that has a grudge against them. After getting word on the investigation, Casey and Namoi take care of things themselves and locate the man that left them the threating voicemail, which they located and questioned him, after he tried to run. But they got who was beyond all of this and nailed them. It not only brought closer to the case but it ended the relationship between Casey and Namoi. 

Meanwhile, Stella and Severide are on their separate ways, as Severide takes on refurbishing a classic boat. As for Stella, she's still having fun with her old high school friend that ended up with him trying to kiss her in her apartment. It not only freaked her out, but she realized that Severide was right about him. And after some thinking and working at Molly's, she talks to Severide not only how right he is but what's been going between them is more significant than her friend. That he's been going down a dark hole since losing his father, for which I haven't seen all that much, and decides to end their relationship.

On a lighter note: the firehouse was asked to good educated show about fire safety to the seniors, and Boden asked Brett and Foster to do it. They try to come up with stuff from doing cheers (which I would love!) to have an American Ninja Warrior type course and not to mention the food bar.  But when they get things ready, they learn that it's not the seniors from a local high school but seniors from the senior center. After there was a moment where Casey received stuff from everyone at 51 from clothes, etc. And just watching Casey getting that and thanking Herrmann and his wife for doing that was a joyful moment. 

"Inside These Wall" was an excellent episode from start to finished. I was surprised to see how Casey and Namoi's relationship ended. I thought that would carry on a bit more. But I guess some of those that didn't like the relationship would be grateful that it stopped. I also didn't imagine Kidd ending her relationship with Severide. I would have thought that she would forgive him and move on from that, but I guess she sees more of what he's been doing. Hell, I haven't picked up on what she's been seeing. Refurbishing a boat is a way to not be with someone?  Boy, I can't wait to see how they would be at work. 

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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