#ChicagoFire S7, Ep. 13-14 "The Plunge"/"It Wasn't About Hockey" Recap and Review #ChiHards #OneChicago


"The Plunge"


When on a call, an accident occurs that hits close to home for one firefighter; while threats make one paramedic scared. Here's a recap!

When on a call, Herrmann and his crew rush; but is followed by a wild driver who causes an accident. The crew stops and rescues what Herrmann learns was a teenager and rescues him before the car burst into flames. Later on, the aftereffects take Herrmann on an emotional spin and take it out on his son by punishing him for a dent in the car that happened two months ago. Soon, Herrmann's wife learns and even Herrmann too and confronts his son and apologize for his actions. 

Froster deals with harassments from Shaw after she turns him down again. Soon she and Brett get a call from Lakeshore about questionable actions from someone.  Foster not only tells Brett about the situation with Shaw; also to Boden and he tries to help; but couldn't change the boss' mind at Lakeshore. It was after a call, Foster confronts Shaw and outspoken about what he has down to her that not only the nurses and doctors hear but also the boss too. As soon as Foster leaves to meet with Brett, Shaw runs out and just as he threatens her, the entire Firehouse 51 with Boden speaking to Shaw and telling him to watch his step. He backs off and is gone for good!

Meanwhile, the team prepares to take the polar plunge in Lake Michigan and even tried to use tactics like taking cold showers, etc.  But the morning/afternoon of the event everyone gets there, including Foster and all raced to the water. Also, Casey and Severide get their bromance on by hitting the clubs, Kelly-style. 

"The Plunge" was a fantastic episode that had some great drama moments with Herrmann to thrilling moments with Foster and Brett. That scene when 51 come to represent Foster was powerful. And I can't leave out a lot of humor from preparing for the polar plunge but it was Casey and Severide that had me smiling and laughing as it reminds me of the bond between Geroge Clooney and Anthony Edwards on ER. Strong character development with Foster and Herrmann. Even good writing for this episode. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

"It Wasn't About Hockey" 


"It Wasn't About Hockey" was the episode that I have been waiting for since Gabby had left Chicago Fire. We've seen Casey, Severide and Dawson have their moment to shine and this time as I was hoping for Brett to have her own episode to shine, it was a triple duty of women power with not only Brett but Foster and Kidd as well. 

As Brett, Foster, and Kidd prepare for a valentine's day weekend together at Brett's mother's cabin, things take a turn when Brett and Foster witness a bus accident and must help to not only save two teenagers but a farmer too. No signal to call for help and no one for miles, they had to rely on their training and try to keep everyone alive. Soon Kidd gets there and help and later the hockey coach and player make it back with the police, ambulance, and firefighters. 

Meanwhile, with the girls gone; it's chili night at 51 with everyone battling to make the best chili and win the money pot. As everyone fixes their dish, even Casey and Severide get in on the action; but in the end, it wasn't anyone from 51 as it was Brett and Foster's stand-by paramedics that won it. Shocking to all. 

"It Wasn't About Hockey" might be one of my favorite episodes of the season. As I said earlier that I've been waiting for this episode since Monica Raymund left the show; so we could see Kara Killmer get her time to shine. But it was even better with the teamwork of Killmer, Miranda Rae Mayo, and Annie Ilonzeh. The character development was good and even the writing was too with enough action and humor to balance the episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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