#ChicagoFire S7, Ep 16-17 "Fault In Him"/"Move a Wall" Recap and Review #ChiHards #OneChicago

"Fault In Him"


Casey gets a close call to death, while Severide helps out with someone's career and a 51 member has a chance to win $10,000. Here's a recap!

When Casey and truck 81 are on a call of a suicide attempt; when they break in the house the cops found the body and no one else. That was until Casey heard something and walked into danger with the dead guy's brother aiming a gun at him and shoot but the gun jammed and Casey made it out alive. The rest of the shift he tries to ask why did this happen to him. Brett tries to help him even asking the Chaplin to help but that didn't go so well. Casey eventually talks to Boden; got probably what he needed from him that he needs to keep moving on. 

Severide was asked by Grissom to help make him look good in front of a group of city officials; that's even letting him show the officials a tour of Firehouse 51 and even witness of what they do on a daily basis. After digging dirt and all, Severide gets word from Grissom that he's good and will keep his job. 

Mouch receives the winners from the raffle and Otis won third place and will get a sports package. That lead to knowing that the package was tickets to the Blackhawks game and a chance to win $10,000 dollars if he can make a goal.  After getting somewhat trained for this Otis finally go up there and missed on the first one, came close on the second and scored on the third. 

It seems Brett's relationship with the Chaplin is over after he tells her that he has to stay neutral. It wasn't Casey's fault but in some mind, I think Brett kind of blames him. But this makes a push for Brett and Casey to start a relationship. 

"Fault In Him" was a very good episode, with a lot of strong character development and building. I very much enjoyed Casey's story in this episode and what he went through after that event was very good. Even when he was thinking of calling Gabby; it had me on the edge telling him don't do it. After all the bad blood between Grissom and 51, it was so what nice to see things calm down and worked together. Hell, the Otis storyline was hilarious; even had me up on my feet cheering when he made that last goal attempt. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

"Move A Wall"


When something goes wrong on a call, two firefighters will bump head with one another. Plus an investigation leads to a shocking undercover scam. And 51 gets a makeover, will it look better than before? Here's a recap.

When a call to an apartment fire, Casey gets upset with Herrmann for acting irresponsibly when he had the fire hose across the street and a car drives by dragging Ritter. It turned into a heated match between the two and soon Herrmann gets the understanding of what's really going on with Casey; as he's still dealing from the event from the previous episode. But after an accident call of a car and truck was a safe rescue, both Herrmann and Casey forgave one another.

During that apartment fire, Kidd notices in the apartment rooms that had a hidden room behind the couch and saw pillows, blankets, and even a doll. She gets this bad vibe that something ain't right and talks with Upton about it; but by the time they get there the room was completely gone from the fire. But talking with the neighbor, they looked into the mail and found a name and an address; there they not only found the kids but also stopped the bad guy that was using the foster system in a scam.

Herrmann apparently gave Cindy permission to decorate the 51 quarters. After taking in all the suggestions, Cindy finally comes up with a look that no one loves. Herrmann had to eat his words and yet might be sleeping in the dog house for a while. 

"Move a Wall" was a fine real dramatic episode. This really was a Herrmann episode with him dealing with Casey and Cindy. I thought that Kidd and Severide story was fantastic; at the end, you could see there were still sparks between them which lets hope they can get together.  Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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