#ChicagoFire S7, Ep. 4 "This Isn't Charity" Recap/Review

It's Herrmann's first day as Lieutenant at 51, will he be good? Here's a recap!

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It's Herrmann's first day as the engine's Lieutenant. It doesn't go as well. He gets a beef with one of the firefighters that are not pulling his task and making jokes.  Herrmann comes to Boden for advice; tells him to do what he thinks it best, which is that he gave that guy's transfer papers ready.

Mouch gets a visit from Ritter; learned that he decided to leave the firehouse. Mouch asks Ritter come on to 51. Herrmann a Mouch was begging Ritter to join; they told him that the reason why they think he's a firefighter that got back up and kept going. He accepted.

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Severide meets Stella's blast from the past friend, who gets a feeling that he may not be over her. After Severide tells her what he thinks, we see it too. After she turns down his offer to go to a party at his cabin; he came over to look for her to change her mind.

Casey and the team deal with what is grenades going off in the city. They learn that the widow of a Vietnam soldier had kept them; tried to sell thinking that they were just toys. They were the real thing. Searching around the neighborhood, Casey gets a sighting of kids playing with grenades for a movie they're filming. Just as he gets there, the kid pulls the pin. Just as he lets go; Casey in a split second throws it in the pond. 

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And Brett sees what Foster is capable.  They get a call of an accident at a gym where they look at a girl; who broken a part of her shoulder.  Foster thinks that the kid is taking PEDs. She believes the mother is the one doing it. She asked the doctor to run a drug test, but he argues that he's not and she's not a doctor. Brett tries to help Foster move on but she wouldn't. Foster gets a call from the mother and found that she's on PEDs. Foster and Brett headed to the gym to confront the coach that admits that he did even though he calls them vitamins. Brett apologizes to Foster for not backing her up and mentioning her former partner would jump through hoops too.  

"This Isn't Charity" was an excellent episode that had such good character development for Foster, Herrmann, and Stella. The grenades storyline was a thrilling plot, but also I think the bigger storyline was watching Brett and Foster's partnership grow and Stella and Severide's relationship takes an awkward turn. I don't think it's over with that guy. He'll be back. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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