#ChicagoFire S7, Ep. 5 "A Volatile Mixture" Recap/Review

From a mysteries trailer fire to Gorsch dictating the firehouse, here's a recap of Chicago Fire. 

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With Gorsch back, he's been dictating everything that 51 has done. From telling Casey to give the reporter's story to the PR; even getting into Boden to step down from his position and join his squad. But both Casey and Boden ignore Gorsch and carries on like they always do. 

After a trailer fire, Casey was asked by a reporter to help to see if that fire was similar to the ones that she's been investigating.  It turned out it was and not only that they solved it and made it into the papers, but there's an excellent connection between them. 

Boden is getting pressure from Gorsch that he'll take it to Grissom, which ignores him completely. After telling Casey and Severide, Severide decides to talk to Benny and ask for help.  But with a look of sadness and defeat, Benny tells Severide that he'll try to help.

It looks like Brett and Foster are off to a great start in their friendship after some awkward moments. But doesn't that make build the friendship? 

"A Volatile Mixture" is a good episode and one that I would love to rewatch again and again. There were funny moments and moments that we should take into question like Casey and the reporter. There seems to be something there right off the bat. Hopefully, let's make this slow and steady. Also, I think that Benny is hiding something might take the next episode on what it is what will happen. 

Benny wasn't Benny in this episode like he was in the past six seasons on the show. Also, the friendship between Brett and Foster was awkwardly funny and makes me want to rewatch the episode again and again. As for Boden, the battle has been set between him and Gorsch. Bring it on! 

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.