#ChicagoFire S7, Ep. 6 "All the Proof" Recap/Review

Gorsch taking over 51 for the day that wasn't the only shocking moment in this episode of Chicago Fire. Grab the tissues!


Gorsch tells Boden that he's taking over duty thanks to Grissom. But it doesn't don't go so smoothly when the team gets called for a questionable odor. It turns out someone was committing suicide with chemicals, but while getting everyone out of the apartment, they had to look for a kid.

Gorsch seemed to be a step behind when trying to lead the team from calling the hazmat team and more. But he wasn't too happy either when telling Boden that there was no one following orders from him.

Casey gets asked for help again from Namoi, the reporter, that later becomes a dinner date. The two hit it off quite a bit. He notices that Namoi is like Gabby in a way and when she tries to kiss him after dinner, she realizes that he's still in a relationship. They'll be back for more.

After the apartment rescue, Cruz decides that the team needs to learn Spanish as they can't always rely on him to translate. After trying to put sticky notes everywhere, Kidd advises Cruz to do some visual help for them... Spanish soap opera. And it worked! Kind of wish it was Days of Our Lives (I'm so hooked on that show now!).


Foster loving Halloween; expect for Brett as she tells her that crazy things happen on this Halloween. They get a call that at first turned out to be a Halloween prank, but it was just a few houses down to a girl who's having seizures. Thinking that it was candy, til the father realizes that she got into his secret edible stash.

Later on Foster realizes that Brett might have a crush on the new Chaplain. Foster tells her that she never dated him; only because he was a patient that she helped treated.   So we could see Brett and the new Chaplain going out.

With the issue with Gorsch, Boden hopes that Severide could get something from Benny. When Severide was waiting for Benny to show up, he was a no-show. But the next day he gets a call from Med about his father, and when he got there, Ava informs him that Benny suffered a stroke and had died. The whole team unites at Med only for Severide to be there for him.

Boden meets with Gorsch, who's mad because Grissom has reassigned him. That got the ball rolling in thinking that maybe that Benny did help. Boden sits with Severide at Med's chapel; he tells Boden that the last words to Benny were that he was more of a father than he would ever be. But Boden tells him that he did come through as Benny went to Grissom and gave him here to get Gorsch off of 51's back. And that was the grab the tissues moment as Kelly broke down and cried."All the Proof" was an excellent episode of drama, humor and that shocking moment. It was a tearjerking moment to see Severide losing his father. The writing was so good, and the character development is strong too; I think that this will effect Severide for a while, maybe more than when he lost Shay. All I know that from the promo for next week's episode it's going to be one episode to grab the tissues.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10. You can catch Chicago Fire Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.