#ChicagoFire S7, Ep. 8 "The Solution to Everything" Recap/Review #ChiHards #OneChicago

Will Severide open up before he gets himself killed? Casey and Namoi get a clue on their arson investigation, and the hunt is on for a photo from Boden's past. Here's a recap of Chicago Fire.

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Boy, this was sure a Chicago Fire episode to remember in one way or another. Severide, who's still grieving the loss of his father, gets in danger during a call when a chimney collapses. Casey and Otis got him in time, and Kidd isn't too happy about not helping because of Casey's orders.  Severide opens up to Foster about not moving away in that fire, and that's when she opens up to him about losing a family member messes with your mind. After that Severide starts talking to her about his feelings, even making Kidd feels a bit jealous but happy.

Casey and Namoi get a clue on their arson investigation, not to mention a threatening voicemail to stop investigating. Their investigation leads to a place in Indiana. There they see something that looks familiar to them, and as they break in, someone is watching them as well.

However, the hunt for a photo from Boden's past stood out in this episode. The hunt was for a calendar photo of Boden as Mr. September 1990. After looking around from the library to the Chicago Fire Museum, but no luck. Even Herrmann goes to the last person that might know, Donna. She tells him that she doesn't know where it would be, but she had one that's kept in her closet.


"The Solution to Everything" was another classic episode of Chicago Fire that balances out the drama, humor and the intense storytelling, mainly the Casey and Namoi investigation that could lead to something in the fall finale in two weeks. The episode had some excellent character development and writing too. There was another moment with Casey and Brett that I think they could be a couple. Maybe it's my mind playing with me. And Kelly and Foster are talking was a good sign that he's going to be fine and maybe speak with Kidd.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What did you think of the episode? Leave a comment! You can catch the fall finale of Chicago Fire Wednesday, December 5th at 9/8c on NBC.