#ChicagoFire S8, Ep. 2-3 "A Real Shot in the Arm"/"Badlands" #ChiHards #OneChicago

"A Real Shot in the Arm"

As one firefighter makes a dangerous rescue, could he be part of Firehouse 51? Plus another rescue is made to bring back a former member. Here's a recap!

As Firehouse 51 gets a call of a man hanging off his apartment building; a candidate from another firehouse makes a dangerous rescue that not only gives Casey an idea to pick for Truck 81 but Boden won't approve it. As Casey gives Boden the reasons why; it isn't enough until Severide, after apologizing for Boden's boat, talks to him about how he changed him when he was a daring young firefighter. After that, Casey and Severide talk with Gallo, the candidate, about what he'll be doing and soon after Gallo talks to both them and Boden and agrees to come aborad.

Hermann is in trouble as he got word from Otis' brothers that they won't invest Otis's shares in Molly's. Trying to find a way, he asked Mouch but he declines. When Trudy comes in, it's not pretty as she complains about the cherries being used. As all seemed lost, Mouch comes through with a check to buy out Otis' share. But it's not only Mouch but also Trudy that's part of it too. Oh boy! Get ready for an upgrade.

Forster and her new partner, Collins, isn't doing too well. When she tries to bond with him, he thinks that she's hitting on him. After a call when a little girl is having an allergic reaction that proves to be a tick bite. But after Forster had had it with him and fired him. Quickly she and Kidd go after Brett, who wasn't having the best of time at Fowlerton. But just as soon as they get there, Brett walks out and has her bags packed ready to go, this comes after she broke things off with The Chaplin. Brett's coming home!!!

Also, Cruz is selling his apartment due to not only costing too much for one person, but the memories of Otis was getting too painful. Even Chloe has been seeing it and asked Mouch for advice; which was just to be there for him. And after the good news with Hermann, he gives Ritter better news that he's coming back on his team again but also learned that Ritter has a boyfriend and he's not a vegan.

"A Real Shot in the Arm" was very good. You could feel that this episode carried the weight of the loss of Otis, which was powerful. The drama between Casey and Boden was very good and something that we haven't seen in a while and I love it.

But mainly from this episode, Brett is coming home!!! YEAH!! I guess she's so used to the adrenaline of Chicago living. Plus even though she broke it off with The Chaplin and might take it easy from dating, will she persuade to ask Casey out on a date? The writing was good along with character development, for one character: Ritter. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.


On Brett's first day back at 51; she and Foster deal with a kid who's been attacked. Plus Boden finds out the truth about Gallos. Here's a recap!

It's Brett's first day and coming back to 51 everyone gives her a nice welcome back surprise. Glad to be back, Brett and Foster get a call of an injured kid, Issac, at a correctional facility, but when they get there they get stopped by the high power guard. Both Brett and Foster get a bad fab from the kid and looks into what's been going on.

After telling Boden about it, they see that the facility was quickly on the defense of what happened. They go to talk with the attorney that represented Issac, but got nothing from him. But instead talked with a social worker, who worked with Issac. The three worked together to confront the boss of the facility and the officer, but as Issac back off his statement, he started telling what the officer does and gets everyone to talk too, which puts the officer in a bad position.

Firehouse 51 has gotten a new upgrade, but it's not going so good. Of course, it pisses off Herrmann but soon gets all on everyone's nerve. But yeah at least Casey got a hot date along with it so it's not all that bad. But it was and when the alarms go off for nothin, Boden breaks the machine while Casey's hot date comes back mad and tells him to lose her number.

While Boden had a headache, he still has doubts about Gallos and after listening to his story and seeing how he and Casey saved a little girl at an amusement park. He learns the truth that he and another firehouse team saved Gallos a long time ago and ever since the kid has been coming around their firehouse. Wow, right?

"Badlands" was a very good episode and seeing Brett back at Firehouse 51 was awesome! The story was very good with character development with Boden and Gallos. Plus I ate the Casey and Severide scenes up. I loved it. Fun and awkwardly brilliant. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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