#ChicagoFire Season 4 Recap

We're just 30 hours away til the powerful season premiere of Chicago Fire. With everything that has happen in season 4, season 5 will be no doubt better and emotional than ever. Here's a recap of Season 4.

A lot has happen during season four, enough to grab 50 boxes of tissues and that would just be through the first half of the season. 

The season started off when the House gets shifted when Severide is out as Squad Commander and a new guy comes in. There's a mission from an commander from the big house that the way House 51 deals with situations shouldn't be how they should handle, that means helping hours and using man power that they don't need to. But that's what makes 51 so special. 

With that going forward, Bowden is slammed with a lawsuit from a neighbor saying that she was abused by him. The lady was a full nut case at the time and after trying to prove Bowden's innocents, things keep getting worst for him. The suspect in the matter turns out to be a restate Mogul and the CPD handled him with so much care. 

Things where heating up between Chillie and Jimmy as their relationship got heated and most of the times it was Chillie that was wanting it. Chillie hasn't been herself through the fall season and gets in trouble for being late many times until we all figured out what the reason was, her sister died. And yet after she had gotten support through the 51 family, she still went off the rail until she got fired. Severide took her to a treatment center and maybe she could come back later, who knows. 

Jimmy also had to deal with the lost of his brother. His brother was trying to get him to move to his squad house but Jimmy didn't want to go. When a call comes of a warehouse fire, the two squads worked together but with bad conditions, everyone need to get out, but Jimmy's brother went back in to save another and got caught. Bowden ordered everyone out from what he sees and feels that it's not safe and when Jimmy went in there to get his brother, caught in rubble, Jimmy lost his brother in that fire. 

Jimmy slowly grows a grudge against Bowden for killing his brother. And it seems to carry into this season. 

There was the giant size crossover in January with Fire, Med and PD that dealed with Herrmann being stabbed by Cruz's friend and Rhodes trying to save him, even though there could be another route for treatment. And victim, who seemed to kill herself, was ashamed from a doctor misdiagnosing her for cancer, along with other women too. That lead to CPD taking the case and that lead to Voight's past as it was the same doctor that treated his late wife.   

Casey and Dawson are back together and this time at the beginning of the season are expecting. Dawson moves from firefighter to arson analysis. But soon she goes unconscious and heads to Chicago Med, where Halstead treats her. Halstead tried to make sure that her and the baby are okay as he had to go in for surgery. 

Casey and Bowden stay for the long hall and after surgery things look good, until she started to forget things and has another issue. She lost the baby and in one of the most heartbreaking episode, Casey had to tell Dawson about the baby. That was heartbreaking but the one that probably got everyone was at the end when Herrmann video phoned Dawson and Casey and told her that his wife and him lost their first child but after having, I think, six kids that the one that they feel like is their own is Dawson as he calls her his little girl.  

Casey runs as a politician. He gets his hands into the political adventures with a few people who know how to play. But when a supervisor, Weller, comes into his lap, things get pretty heated between Dawson and him. This along with Dawson finding and taking care of a kid named, Louie, and wanting to adopt him. Casey didn't think that it was time with everything he's doing but Dawson went for it with or without him.

Soon, Dawson prepares for the inspection as she got a place where Herrmann lives, top of the garage. Things we're looking good until the inspection, but after Dawson told the guy that everything around there might not look right but it was cleaned and fixed up with love and the support. And after she got Louie. 

Casey was gone during that time and Weller, has been through signs at him at times. After a dinner, she gives him a key to her place and wants him to come up. Casey looks at the key and when we see him walking towards the door, you would think that he went to Weller's place but no... he's at Dawson's and he's commented to their relationship and meets Louie. 

But there's a cliffhanger at the end of season 4, Severide and a new member, Kidd, have grown into a relationship. Kidd has just broken off her relationship with her ex crazy boyfriend. He almost overdose and goes to the psych ward at Med but leaves. After Jimmy's brother memorial, Severide and Kidd have a night on the town at her place but her brother is there with a knife in his hand sitting in a chair. 

I literally can't wait for the new season of Chicago Fire. This is the big milestone 5 seasons in and close to that 100 episode mark, which is still huge in my book of accomplishments.  Season 4 was amazing and seems like Season 5 will only get better. 

How will Dawson handle parenthood? Will Severide and Kidd get out of her apartment alive? What do you look forwarded to this new season? Leave a comment! 

Here's a trailer for Season Five:

You can catch the season premiere of Chicago Fire, tomorrow (Oct. 11) at 10/9c on NBC