#ChicagoFire Season 5 Episode 2 "A Real Wake-Up Call" Recap and Review

Words are never enough to describe it, but the only thing that comes to my mind was something my mother quoting my great-grandmother, "If you're not going to listen, you're going just have to feel it." That's probably how I can best describe this episode. 

As Jimmy is back on Truck 81, things aren't as smooth as it may seem. He ignores Boden and does what he does. He disrespects the Chief and poses severe concerns to the rest of Truck 81. Even Herrmann gets ticked off at him and throws him out of the bar. I'll get back to this story shortly. 

Meanwhile, Casey is dealing with a small (yet big) issue with how he used his political power to get the adoption agency to push Louie to be with Dawson. Threaten by another politician just to get his crap looked at and passed. He tells Dawson, and the one thing that she has in mind is to find a way to stop him from spilling the truth out. My idea: call Voight or Antonio.

Severide takes  Travis's invitation to his party. It seems like he might be back as a party guy again. Also, Kidd finally gives her ex the help he needs as she tells him to stay at Chicago Med and get treated.  

Now, when the Firehouse 51 gets a call of a car accident. Boden and Casey have Jimmy on the sideline and dealing with a truck that has explosive containers. First things first, move the truck first and save the driver, but Jimmy didn't think so and went ahead to help the lady, Boden tries to tell him to stop, but he still heads over there until the containers explode in flames and Jimmy is caught.

The team rushes to him and extinguish him from the fire. After that, they moved him far to treat him. It was shocking, it was disturbing and real to a fact. Jimmy got severe burns and most of his left side of his face was burned and skin melted. Halstead treated and saved him at Med but couldn't save the left eye at all. 

Things went from hated to emotional sadness with a blink of an eye (no pun intended). One of the most heartfelt scenes was when Boden went to see him, said a prayer and soon seen Jimmy's right eye open. He squeezed his hand and shed a tear. 

It goes to show you, you don't listen, you'll just have to feel it. I'm not saying that he deserved it, but the guy won't listen and the CFD wasn't either. This was good from an emotional stand point. Just feel so bad and sad to lost a guy like Jimmy. I would think that he would be the next Casey on this team but never assume that at all. 

The bright spot was Brett and Mouch's firefighter novel. At first, Mouch didn't like what Brett had written but later he really enjoyed it. I would love to see this book come to life and in bookstores, for us, #OneChicago fans to read. 

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