#ChicagoFire Season 5, Episode 7 "Lift Each Other" Recap and Reivew

Someone has a secret and it's Boden's son. Plus a bombshell crashes an anniversary party. 

When Cruz sees Boden's son, James, change in the locker room, he sees bruises and when he was about to tell Severide about it a call has been made. But after Cruz tells Severide about it and it led him to confront James about it first but he wouldn't talk. It was after an accident of a truck and car that lead Severide to tell Boden about James. 

Boden tries to confront James about it but goes to his mother about the situation. She tells him that things seems good: good grades, nice friends. Boden did meet his ex's new boyfriend. After they talked, he talks to James about staying with him for the rest of the school year. But he tells him if he does than he has to tell the truth and asked him about the bruises. James tell him that he fell on a flight of stairs but later tells him that it was mom's boyfriend. That lead Boden to confront and knock the guy's light out. Suffered a one shift suspension, but hey there was a suspension party after! 

Gabby and Antonio are celebrating their parent's anniversary and Casey and Britt go too, but when they get there a bombshell of an announcement hits the family hard, they're getting a divorce. Of course it upsets Gabby but more for Antonio who was about to knock his dad down. which would be something I would love to see (don't hate me for that). 

Casey confronts Gabby about it and shows his support. But what she didn't know that he learned that a kid that he saved died. A call to a factory warehouse spots two kids, one on the floor and the other hanging upside down. Casey moves and tries to get the kid's head up for the blood. When they got the kid down it didn't look promising but he was breathing and taken to Med. Casey learns about the boy's death the morning of the party but didn't tell Gabby about it. 

Gabby only learned it after coming into Med and Maggie asking how Casey was doing. When she told her about the boy, she rushed back home later and kisses Casey for a good minute, I think. He tells her that's what they do, lift each other and that she has done that many times with him so it was his turn to do so. They are such the perfect couple!!!! 

LOVED this episode!!! The Casey and Dawson storyline was unbelievable!!!! I got such a kick of Antonio and Britt plus Herrmann, Otis and Stella. Loved the mud run event that Otis and Stella went and then brought the people from there to Molly's pissing off Herrmann with muddy people at the bar. 

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