#ChicagoFire Season 5, Episodes 3 & 4 "Scorched Earth" & "Nobody Is Dying Today" Recap and Review

"Scorched Earth" 

In this episode, the heat has been turned up as word gets out about Louie and Dawson isn't happy, Casey tries to handle it but figures something fishy and one firefighter makes an effort to help a sick runway kid. 

When Dawson gets a phone call regarding that they got a tip from someone about "someone" (Casey) using political leverage to get Louie's adoption faster for her. That lead to Dawson being very upset while Casey tries to handle it with help from Susan. 

After dodging the Sun-Times, Casey meets with Susan again about the situation as it was done and sealed. But that kind of gave Casey a thought about how all of this went down. He goes back to the reporter and learned word that Susan is also part of another politician that threaten Casey on the situation. And well, that lead to telling Susan to get the hell out of his life, threatening her pretty good.

Meanwhile, when the house gets a call of an underground fire, there were kids living there and rescued them. Stella recuse one, who happens to be in the back and had to make a detour out of there. She talks to the kid and leaves him with Dawson as she went back to get his backpack, but by the time she came back the kid was gone. 

Back at 51, she looks through the kid's backpack and finds comics, an ID and even medicine for Hep. C. She goes to Antonio for help and when he returns with information, let's just say it's not good and that she should find the kid before CPD gets a hold of him. She goes to Bowden for help and pulls off probably a cheap shot, but  in the end, after waiting for the kid and bring him back, a deal from Goodwin and Jefferies, everything was good again. 

Also to note: Severide learns about how a good person his new "friend" is when it comes to being such a high social media star after a lady was found OD and he dropped her off on the bench at Med. Britt and Antonio relationship sparks even more and she makes the first and also the last move to get the ball going. And at the beginning of the episode, we learn that Jimmy has been moved to a new hospital for special treatment, as he has a long recovery.

"Nobody Else is Dying Today."

In this on the edge of your seat episode, Casey tries to save two people from an acid spill, while Dawson is not only angry at Casey but also a home care provider too. And Otis goes to space? 

Given the fact that this is a Casey stand alone episode, like what Severide had in season 2, has to be one of the most on the edge of your seat episodes of the fall season so far. 

Casey and Dawson had a heated moment when it came to watching Louie, even though Casey has to inspect a warehouse and play golf with a couple of important people. With one look, he canceled golf but goes to inspect the warehouse. As he meets with the owner, an accident occurs and a spill of sulfuric acid. He pulls the driver out and into another room, where the guy's daughter is in. 

They wait for help, but when Casey looked around, he sees that the owner must have came back in to get rid of papers and got caught in the fumes. So now Casey must try to get into the next room and make the call, but with one option turned to another and the last one came when he had to break through the brick wall and create a hole big enough for the driver's daughter to get out and call for help. 

Meanwhile, Dawson, who's made at Casey, deals with a home care service when a patient, who fell, denies going to the hospital, that it's her right to deny service. But when it comes to the next call, the patient had a few cuts, and Dawson decided to take her to Med, but she wanted to a hospital that's 10 minutes away as Med is shorter. Dawson went against her orders and took her to Med. 

Anyone have any idea of Otis going to space? It sounds like something Ernest would do. But eating astronaut food and training seem all too impossible until we learned it was a joke from Cruz. Otis knew it was a joke when he gave him a thing of cricket protein powder, for which put into Cruz's drink. 

Dawson gets worried about Casey after he didn't pick Louie up. But by the time she and Britt were about to head out, they get a call, and it was to the warehouse that Casey was at. Things got out of control when the electric was sparking all over. The squad gets in there but can't do a thing til the power is shut off, Truck gets to the power and shuts it off, but the main line had to pull off. After that Casey and the driver was saved and Dawson and he had a moment when they see the driver and his daughter happy and laughing. 


"Scorched Earth" was a good, average episode that probably won't be remembered the episode but one of those that you can enjoy and move on. Casey and Dawson's storyline were good but the one moment that stood out of that storyline was when Casey threaten Susan to get out of their lives, just the look and the tension was enough to believe that he can really do what he said he would do. And not to mention Stella, which this was a good episode for her to stand on her own and do something she believes in doing. Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.

"Nobody Else is Dying Today" happens to be the show's best on the seat episode in a while. We finally get to see Casey doing something on his own, and it really stood out. I think not only you give Spencer a nod to a great performance but also his knife as well. The way he handles that knife is this episode it just makes me laugh at times when he pops it out and uses it. Compare to the last episode; this one will be remembered and rewatch a bunch of times. Overall, I give this episode 9/10.

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