#ChicagoFire Season 5, Episodes 5 & 6 "I Held Her Hand"/"That Day" Recap and Review

"I Held Her Hand"

When a fire rescue goes wrong, Casey believes it was setup while Severide doesn't. Plus graffiti sign is left at the Fire House and it pushes Herrmann's buttons. 

Let's start with the fire call at a home, where Severide picks the husband, who was yelling for his wife in the other room. Casey and the team tries to get there but couldn't and uses the truck latter to get to her. With sold glass windows, Casey breaks through but just couldn't break them any harder in time to get her out as he witness her skin turn burnt. 

The rescue gets stuck into Casey's head and when he inspects the place he spots something that doesn't seem right. He makes a report and an arson investigation is in place, but Severide doesn't believe the husband hand anything to do with it. Even further to go through with the investigation was when the victim's sister comes to the 51 and tells Casey about how her sister's marriage wasn't good. 

Meanwhile, Dawson and Britt get a call of a boy falling from tree, for which he was trying to impress a girl to go to prom with him. That's didn't go so well, but he made it on to fail prom videos online as a viral hit. After he turn out to be okay, the girl who he was trying to ask out visits but also told him that she had a date with someone else. 

Graffiti has been appearing at House 51, Herrmann is pissed about it and gets everyone to be on the look out. After cleaning it off and headed home the next day it was up again. After a call, Herrmann sees the same art and stops the truck and runs after the kid. They bring him back to the firehouse and tries to get him to talk but he wouldn't. But after that the kid's aunt get there to pick him up, Herrmann gives the kid a shirt because he gives him a speech about friends and family at 51. That got a lot of laughs in the locker room and it gave Britt an idea, to take that kid to the prom, something I wish happen to me when I was in high school. 

The investigation came to an end with no further into arresting the husband. Severide tells Casey that he found video cameras of the husband at another location at the time of the fire, but Casey doesn't believe it and walks away with a look towards him. 

Plus: Boden's son, James, comes back after making a creepy first impression with his wife and it looks like Sheets Under Fire won't come out after all. But I still would love to read that book! 

"That Day"

Casey pushes more on the investigation; Boden gets pressure to come to New York City and Dawson gets blindsided. 

Casey pushes the investigation from the fire from the previous episode. Severide gets the news from the husband and confronts Casey about it. The two still butted heads, but they came together to investigate it themselves. When they couldn't find anything, Casey left the room, but Severide found something, some wifi system that someone can control the house alarms and such with an app. When they went to the husband's new place, he was just about to leave until they searched his phone for the app and usage too and proved that he started the fire that killed his wife.

Out on a call, trying to get to a victim of a fall with glass and steel pipe sticking out, Dawson and Britt try to get there even though traffic was beginning to look like crap, no one moves when the sirens are on. But when cars moved over, they started heading out until someone walks in the front of them. 

Blindsided by what they've seen, they treat and take the guy to Med, while Casey and Herrmann had to wait for another ambulance to come, but instead took the victim themselves to Med. As they brought that victim in, Dawson gets pushed into questions about what happen and needed to be right on the mark about it. That pushed all buttons with not only her but Boden too. 

Then comes the law suits and with the help from Antonio, they got info on the guy that Dawson hit. Apparently, the guy has been trying to kill himself for a while but has failed to do so. She got the information and took it to the son of the victim. There it seems that the lawsuit will be dropped. 

Boden has breakfast with a former colleague, pressuring him to go to New York City, but he really doesn't want to. Boden brings his son to the station and gets him to try out a few training and observe the job if he wants to join or not. 

For reasons why Boden didn't want to go seems to be out of fear. After his former colleague had asked him again in front of his crew, he looks at photos that he received and shows them to his son and starts talking about the events of Sept 12 the day after September 11, 2001. There we hear him speak of the event and the meaning. Not only did he go but Casey and Severide went with too. They stopped at the fire house and then visited the 9/11 Memorial. Boden gives a speech about how something can he hard to fine when you lock it in your mind, but hope has something to unlocking it if you wanted to. 


"I Held Her Hand" happens to a be good episode, one that follows the clues if someone really caused the fire. Plus, I can't help it but love the facial look of Casey and Severide when they don't agree on one another. Couldn't help but laugh every time Herrmann gets upset about the graffiti. The guy makes me laugh, bad or good. The writing was good, and the characters from Britt and Herrmann were as well that stood out of this episode along with Casey and Severide. 

"That Day" this episode stood out with not only humor but emotion as well. First of all, let me just say that Herrmann had the best storyline in this episode, interviewing for a higher position. He fills in for Casey as Casey takes a step back and watch Herrmann. The guy can do it, but his truth-telling is more than just helpful, but more like firecrackers. I couldn't stop laughing when he told the captain of his thoughts, too much!  I can help to be moved from Boden's storyline near the end. Fear of going back and trying to forget that day. The words we heard from him about it just overwhelmed me with tears. And that speech at the end moved me unlike any other. 

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