#ChicagoJustice S1, Ep. 02 "Uncertainly Principle" Series Premiere Recap/Review

In the series premiere of Chicago Justice, Dawson is faced with an unease case that involves a former partner from CPD. 

"Uncertainly Principle" is the series premiere of the fourth installment of "Chicago" series that really has that old feel of Law & Order, but fresh and exciting.   

When a case comes to the States Attorney's office of a man died in a jail cell, all signs show that the man's death was caused from a CPD officer, Kevin Atwater. With only video clips that put together of Atwater and the victim, Atwater would be charged with murder. 

To help Atwater out, Voight calls on Paul Robinette, the former ADA on Law & Order, also worked wit Peter Stone's father Ben as well. Robinette and Stone meet and talked about the case and fathers as in Peter shouldn't leave bad terms with his dad, no matter what they were. 


The trail didn't seem to go in Atwater's favor and what seems to be one last hope, Robinette talks Peter on a plead agreement, which was a year in prison (my jaw dropped). But something sparked when the conversation of the victim puking on someone in the jail cell. 

Stone and Valdez speaks with the witness that testified and got him lying about it and that he was the one that killed the victim because he didn't get a cigarette from him. Later, Atwater was clear of all charges and Peter Stone not only gives his apologies to Atwater but also a word about justice, for which was moving and chilling as well. 

This episode was outstanding, literally one of the best legal dramas on television in a while. The cast is another outstanding ensemble bunch that plays so so well with one another. Winchester and Seda give a very good performance as one tries to help his former partner while the other tries to prosecute him. The writing was so good as this seems to be a classic ripped from the headlines that was kind of bunched up into one great episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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