#ChicagoJustice S1, Ep. 3 "See Something" Recap/Review

On a very special episode of Chicago Justice, it's one of the most talked about conversations to date.

"See Something" could be the staple episode of what Chicago Justice stands on television and that is tackle the hard issues and headlines that make us think and literally talk about it. This episode just hits the nail on the head no doubt about it. 

When the States Attorneys office tackles a sensitive case when a Muslim graduate student was found brutally murdered both Stone and Valdez tries to convict a fraternity student. But that all changed when Antonio and Nagel finds out that the student was set up and instead arrested the victim's best friend. 

During the trial, it may look like a slam dunk for Valdez as they got the key eye witness but when that eye witness testified, things kind of went south as the defendant's lawyer asked her not only about her hijab but also her health as she's a Type 1 Diabetic, who's eye sight aren't good. 

For Stone, he wasn't too happy as he called it "being naked out there." But when he redirected and asked the witness about her health and also got her to read the three fingers that the court deputy was holding up, it seemed to look good back to them. 

But when the defendant testified, he not only admitted it to killing his best friend but also that he did it because his best friend was a terrorist. Damn, what a left turn that took! Hell, he even told about a video on his friend's phone that was for ISIS. Of course, State's Attorney Jefferies wasn't too pleased with this and told Stone to cut a deal, but the defendant didn't want it so Stone took the route and headed on. 

Stone questions the defendant about how he killed the victim and really just got him to admit that he was jealous of him for getting a lot of rewards for his work in physics. And after that, Stone got to give is closing remarks that really is a thinker. And by that the verdict was in and the defendant was found guilty. 

This episode was so good and a really conversation piece as well, something that a legal drama doesn't really show these days expect for SVU and This Is Us. There were moments that I though that this episode might go a completely the other way with Stone, Jefferies and Valdez talking about race and patriots. Te writing was so solid and the cast from Winchester, Weathers and even Monica Barbaro was great. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Chicago Justice on it's regular time, Sundays at 9/8c on NBC.