#ChicagoJustice S1, Ep. 4 "Judge Not" Recap/Review

When a court judge gets gunned down outside a local bar and the only person that was there was Valdez.

After a case not going Valdez's way, and judge and her planned to met for dinner at a bar and after their meeting when they went to both their cars, the judge is shot to death. Valdez stunned and determine to help with the case but Stone wouldn't allow it.

As Stone and his team dig deep on who would want to kill the judge, they go through his family: a foster child that him and his wife were to adopt, but she gives them and the team a run for their money as she's a bit of a wild child. Also threats to the judge were looked at too after he ruled a raped case to give the defendant a lighter sentence.

Through the episode, Stone asked twice to three times to Valdez what was she doing at the bar, but doesn't give an honest answer, thinking that it wasn't a big deal in the case. Yeah it was! But when Antonio and Laura finds a lead that lead back to a rape victim that the judge had ruled, but she tells them that she didn't kill him but a gun that she owns put her towards the murder.

Well, the gun that they said she had, she totally forgot about it and left it with her ex-boyfriend's place. Antonio and Laura get there, asked a couple of questions and gets a vibe from him that this might be the suspect and it turns out that the motorcycle in the garage that had a sticker on the front of the bike window turns out to be the right guy.

As the court case begins, it was going back and forth for the Stone and heading to a down fall after Valdez was gave her testimony as she was with the judge. But after a discussion with Dr. Charles, he figured what the motivate was for the suspect to do this crime...to protect his girlfriend out of jealously that she was with another guy, who are about to get married soon and he buster it out in open court in front of everyone before the it could begin.

:"Judge Not" was a pretty good episode. It pushed the characters between Stone and Valdez's relationship. The writing was pretty good as was performances from Monica Barbaro and Winchester as well.  The story did have some twist and turns and some doubts of what Valdez was doing with the judge but turns out that he was trying to help him with his adopted daughter move on the right track. All I have to say after seeing that child is may god be with her. Overall, I give this episode 8/10.

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