#ChicagoJustice S1, Ep. 5 "Friendly Fire" Recap/Review

When a soldier is found murdered, it'll lead Stone and the team to one secret that the victim was trying to fix what was right.

"Friendly Fire" could be one of the most intense episodes so far as there's a dividing line between what's right and what's not and that's mostly coming from Jefferies and Stone.

When a solider is found murdered, the State's Attorney's office investigates and as it goes interviewing a waitress to even the victim's fiance nothing really was coming together til it just fell right into their lap or in this case on the victim's chest. The autopsy showed a USB disk in the victim's body for which he had kept in there. After trying to see what was in it, they finally saw that it was a video taking place during a mission that went totally wrong, killing someone that they were supposed to rescue and ended up covering it.

Stone and the team learns more that the victim had a book deal and was going to write a tell-all book about his experience. Even more that also he sent a check for a lot of money to the victim's family that was killed on their mission because of guilt he had kept for so long. But soon they figure that this might be a cover up and which lead to the arrest of the victim's best friends and also soldier buddies that were also on the mission too.

With leverage, Stone's got a slam dunk case, even after getting a judge permission to use the USB disk on the trail. But here comes Jefferies and ordering him not to use the video in the case and after telling Stone, he's opinion about it and a very specific one at that (because he served in Vietnam). Soon Stone stands his grounds and tells him that he should and they conversation ended with if Stone uses it, make sure he has his resignation papers ready.

During the trail things were going good, Stone gave one of the suspect's testimonies about what had happened and why he and his partner killed their best friend. But soon word of the tape was mention, and after Stone had sawed Jefferies in the room, he went on using the video, and after all of that, the jury found the suspect guilty.

Later on, Stone walks into Jefferies' office to hand him his resignation paper but he wasn't gonna take it at all. But later we see Jefferies walking into the victim's father's bar and shared a drink with him and talked about medals and their experiences as well.

This was an excellent episode along with this being Carl Weather's first time that we get to see his character evolved this time was pretty darn good. As much as I enjoyed the case, I was more into the Stone-Jefferies face of which was just intense and daring. Those two are gonna to make some excellent, intense moments down the road. The writing was so good in this episode. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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