#ChicagoJustice S1, Ep. 6-8 "Dead Meat"/"Double Helix"/"Lily's Law" Recap/Review

Missed out on a couple of episodes of Chicago Justice? Well, here's a recap of the previous few episodes. Don't forget tonight's new episode at 9/8c on NBC!

"Dead Meat"

When a cop is found murdered in a tub at a motel, the case leads to one of Stone's cases that he lost. But as they always say, the second time is the charm, right?

"Dead Meat" was a very good episode story between Stone and the man that he tried to bring down years ago but never did. A bit of cat and mouse at will.

When the State's Attorney office gets called of a dead cop in a motel, it leads to them a butcher owner who had previous encounters with mostly Antonio and Stone. But for Stone he feels like he has gotten him now and not only goes for the case but tries to bring the previous case to court as well.

When a knife from evidence is out, Stone goes by people's accounts and stories and after he questions the suspect in court of how he didn't know that a former worker was in the barn at the time of a fire but he was trying to save the pigs and told of the technique he uses for which Stone remembered how the latest victim had died.

Stone and Anna talk with the suspect and his lawyer and brings in the wife of the previous case to see him say that he killed her husband. Stone throws in a deal and tells them his theory of the murder went down and after showing photos of the victim, the suspect took the deal and admitted that he had killed the wife's husband too.

This was a very good episode as we learned more and more about how Stone works in the business and also what he had learned from his father too. I thought the writing was very good and the acting between Winchester was great as well. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

"Double Helix"

In a chilling case, Stone faces a case that's another flash from the past and a mother tries to get her daughter back.

When Antonio and Laura inspected a warehouse, they find a dead body of a woman in a freezer. Later they learned that the victim was pregnant and the baby was taken out C-section. The question relays on who took the baby and it is okay.

After searching around, they looked into the victim's work place to even the yoga class where a group of friends mentions an ex-boyfriend. They headed to the boyfriend's apartment where he explains that he was shut out of her life six months ago but always tried to get back together. They returned to his apartment when they found out that he had connected with her but it was his girlfriend that made the connect and mention that the victim was with one of her pregnant yoga friends, Dawn.

When they get to Dawn's place, apparently she had the baby but after she let them in and puts the baby down, Antonio and Laura sees that the baby's face is blue. They arrested her and tried her for murder but it also opens up the case of genetics because Dawn is the daughter of a murderer that Stone not only convicted of his first high-profile case.

The big debate was about genetics and does it really have an effect pasting it down to the next generation. In this case for Stone, it doesn't and proved that she did because she wanted a child because she couldn't have any. She was convicted of the two counts of murder.

Meanwhile, Dawn's father tries to get a new trial as new evidence has come out saying that Dawn killed the woman that he was convicted on. When it was Stone's turn to speak, he really didn't do much til he let a big got ya on him with that if she had committed the murder, his plea deal was a whole lie and not to mention that four other murders were in Indiana that he did for which he asked that he would be tried there because in Indiana there is the death plenty.  He was sent.

"Double Helix" was a very good episode, not only did it open up the genetics conversation (for which it isn't that old of a conversation) it was a very good debate on screen and off screen as well. Also, Joellie Carter's performance was amazing as we learned about her situation getting her child back and also about her history if her father was the cause of her pill popping, for which it wasn't. This would be another memorable episode. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

"Lilly's Law"

This episode might as well be the most conversational episode so far in this season.

When one of the jury members asked to leave because it has become stressful, she's later found dead in the Chicago River with duct tape around her hands and mouth. This case will leave Stone fighting for the victim like any before.

When investigating of the victim's death, they found that her ex-husband has been text messaging her a over 60 times in three days before she had died, with most of them very threatening and demanding messages about how a bad parent she is and how she shouldn't be on the jury for the trial.

After reviewing everything they gathered, Stone and the team go after the ex-husband for all the bullying that he's done to her and given her the thought of killing herself, which she did. Soon, Stone goes to the one person that would know all, the son. He asked him about his mother and if he loved his mother. Not to mention using his cell phone and showing the jury a video message to his mother about how he hated her and all that but he confessed that it's wasn't he that meant to say those words that it was written out from his dad to make him say them.

When the jury found the ex-husband guilty, in one of the most shocking twist, the judge changes the jury's verdict and let the husband go free because the jury let their emotions get in the way on this case. My jaw was literally down to the floor when I saw that happen.

At the end, Stone tries to get a law changed that makes text messaging a law calling it, Lilly's Law. And int he mean time, at the end, he goes to an old friend's place to make amends to her because he didn't speak up about her beatings she got in a previous relationship.

This was literally one of the most shocking and disturbing episodes yet. The ending to the case was a shock but I think what Stone did from proposing a new law to making amends to an old friend kind of help settled down the "oh my god" moment. I thought the case was amazing in this episode, as everyone played very well. Winchester and Carter's character stood out on this episode very well. The writing was very solid too. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Chicago Justice Sunday nights at 9/8c on NBC.