#ChicagoJustice S1, Ep. 9-10 "Comma"/"Drill" Recap/Review


When a scavenger hunt becomes deadly, the one suspect that everyone wants to pin it on is the one that was trialed for murdered in another country. 

"Comma" was another good episode that delivered what we thought would be the suspect but gave a very nice twist of who done it. And it answers the question that does we jump the gun on who the suspect is quick? 

When a scavenger hunt goes wrong, and a college student is murdered, the one suspect comes to everyone at the State's Attorney's office is the one that was in a high profile trial in Spain. But in this case, looks can be deceiving when clues come in that she wasn't there at the time of the murder and the weapon of the crime didn't have her fingerprints either. 

But when learning of the victim was a gun advocate, they found someone who was with her who happens to be an anti-gun supporter. Putting her on trial, the ball dropped at to what she believed and how she was influenced by her professor about guns saying that he was like her father in a way someone that she has never had in her life before, being supportive and so.The jury found the victim guilty. 

After I do enjoy the conversation between Jefferies and Stone about how do college students get so stupid with how his daughter after coming home gets angry with him about fighting over at Vietnam and Stone was mad at his family for clearing out the Native Americans. After that Jefferies calls the Security of State's office to help remove the first suspect in the case to be free from having to go back to Spain after testifying against the suspect. 

This was an excellent episode. I thought the writing was good and the acting was there too. The meaning really does open up of how college students can be influenced by professors for a cause. It's a real touchy subject for me anyway. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.


When a gun is turned in for a buyback, it turns out to be a murder weapon, but the twist comes down to who it belongs to during a trail. 

When a man brings in a gun for the buy back project, it turned out to have blood on it and takes the man into custody about where he found the gun. The gun turns out to be a murder weapon for a trail that has an innocent man on trial. 

After learning about this, the suspect on the trail is released, and when he gets dropped off, he gets attacked by other gang members because he was a snitch. Trying to find who used the gun, Stone uses the most powerful weapon he could do, shut off every gang member's social media counts. Apparently, it worked and when it did, had someone testified and soon admitted that he was the suspect after showing how to use the gun that had a broken spring. 

This was another good episode. There were some very good dramatic moments. But it was Stone boldly taken on people and their social media that really could be the conversation that everyone would talk about. Is it the right thing to do? Could it really serve a purpose on shutting down gang member's social media if they're gonna take down someone? Probably. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10. 

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