#ChicagoMed S02 Ep.01 "Soul Care" Season Premiere Recap & Review

Last season's #1 New Medical Drama returns and the season premiere of Chicago Med jumps into Season 2 with a rush!!

The episode opens up with Manning in the helicopter with two patients a father and his pregnant daughter that were in a car accident. Halstead rushes up to help and take control as he is the new chief attending in the ED. Manning puts a chest tube in the mother and rushes her to CT.

Later Rhodes, Halstead and Manning discuses treatment for the woman as what's best for her and the baby as Rhodes thinks putting in a stint will be fine with the baby still in the mother. But they wait, til her father falls and has an MI where Rhodes and Halstead try to save him rush to the CT along with having surgery.

Under a teaching mentor, Rhodes is introduce to Dr. Latham, who says that Rhodes wasn't his first choice to have on his team. The two butted heads during surgery with the pregnant woman's father on which vein to take for the guy's heart. When Rhodes give him his opinion of what Downey would do, the new guy flipped out and threw a pan in the OR freaking everyone, including me too.  This is going to be a great season for the two of them.

After the surgery, Rhodes gets Manning to okay on putting a stint in the mother's heart. While performing the baby's heart was dipping and soon had to perform an emergency C-section and after that the mother and the baby was well. Unlike her father as his health was fail pretty fast. Halstead and Rhodes performed CPR and did everything but the guy was gone, until as they walked away the guy's heart was beating and soon the daughter came and the two had about a minute or two as he saw his granddaughter and soon passed away. Talk about your miracles, right?

Choi was dealing with his new role as Chief Resident of the ED and he tries his new way of patient care which wasn't working at all. But in the end he was gong to go back to the old style and as Halstead told him the nurses run the department better.

Dr. Charles gets Reese to come back and take the resident spot in  his department and takes a case of a 15 year old girl who seemed to try to kill herself with a power pain medicine. Reese goes in and talks to her and when she finally tells her about a rash that she has and had check it, she freaked out and thought that she was going to die. Reese takes a skin sample and gets it tested to reveal that it was an fungus infection. It was a good start for Reese as she's back at Med.

For April, she still doesn't think she's good after having TB and taking meds for the next five months. But after seeing a patient that came in with injuries who is HIV kissing his wife, things kind of settled down for her. 

This was a grand premiere. It was like we jumped right back into the world of Chicago Med and that's what I liked about it Out of everything that had happened in this episode, I loved the triangle of Halstead-Manning-Jeff relationship as Will is really hard on him. Jeff is a medical student as Will is the attending.

Not to mention the chemistry between Reese and Dr. Charles as these two work so well as the mentor and mentee, but the chemistry between Rhodes and Latham looks so interesting to watch. For Latham to get upset from Rhodes on the difference of opinion during surgery and the way he talked about it after was just funny. 

You can catch Chicago Med Thursday nights at 9/8c on NBC.