#ChicagoMed S1, Ep 9 "Uncharted Territory" Recap and Review

New Year, new episodes of TV's best medical drama and if you haven't seen Chicago Med, this episode would be the one to hook you.

"Uncharted Territory" is one of those episodes that you really didn't need to go back and rewatch the previous episodes to catch up. This one was like this is what Med is and enjoy. And boy was this episode enjoyable.

The episode had two really great story plots: one being Dr. Manning's treating a young 20-year-old with what was thought to be one thing but totally goes a complete 360 when it was all done, and it didn't end on any good note. This one really stunts me as a viewer, who thought that this kid was going to get better. But it did give us some really good Manning-Halstead scenes.

The second: Dr. Choi was treating two MMA fighters, who are two different kinds of people with their brothers hating on each other. One trying to find peace while the other thinks it's all in the rules. It's something that Choi has seen before and why trying to be the ref between one another, one of the patients takes a turn for the worst and goes brain dead. After watching a family forgive the fighter, Choi takes the brother of the fighter and tries to make things up.

Others: Charles gets his head twisting and a turning when he has to give his two cents on a patient, who needs a new heart but the problem is that she's had a bad past with alcohol, but has been cleaned for three months with help from her daughter and will power. But he really doesn't think that's what cuts to get a new heart. Also, I think that not only his decision was based on what his brother did but also his relationship with his own daughter and Rhodes too.

And not to mention: April back to work but gets worrisome news about her baby's health due to the medication that she's is taking. Her finance suggests that maybe it would be best to terminate the pregnancy, but of course, she won't do that at all. The two seems to be on separate terms right now.

This was one of the show's best episode so far this season. It really was driven by the characters. The writing was so good as was the performance from Torrey DeVitto and even Brian Tee. Manning's storyline was really a roller coaster kind of a ride following it.

Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

You can catch Chicago Med Thursday nights at 9/8c on NBC.