#ChicagoMed Season 1 Recap and Review

We're about less than five hours way til the season premiere of last season #1 new medical drama, Chicago Med. If you haven't seen it, this could be your lucky day as I'm gonna recap the past first season and give some previews for the upcoming season. 

When we first met Chicago Med, of course it was in the episode of Chicago Fire and the place went into smoke, now the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center Emergency Department had been fixed and reopen, with some of the best doctors and staff that you'll want to have by your side.

The team of Chicago Med got to meet their new trauma fellow in Dr. Rhodes, when he was on the train that got derailed. He and Dr. Will Halstead, a senior resident and Det. Halstead's brother, din't get quite along in the being as the two are completely different and butted heads. 

There's Dr. Natalie Manning, a pediatrician and a widowed mother as she lost her husband Jeff, who was killed in action. Then there's April Sexton the ED nurse, one of the best. Followed by Sarah Reese, a four year medical student, There's LCRD Dr. Ethan Choi, an United States Navy Reserve and a third year resident with an expertise in infectious diseases.  Sharon Goodwin, the Chief of Services of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. There's the chief of psychiatry Dr. Daniel Charles and the brains and muscle of the ED and charge nurse, Maggie Lockwood. 

I could list all 18 episodes but I think I'll just chose maybe my Top 5 episodes of Season one, which was hard to pick. 

5. "Derailed:" The first episode of the series came as the ED reopened after the events in the previous season of Chicago Fire. And their first call is that an "L" train crash that pushed them to the limit. Also it introduced Dr. Rhodes as he was in the "L" too. 

This episode kind of help set the tone of what the show would or could be. It balanced it's characters as we're knowing them for the first time. Rhodes and Halstead butted heads at the beginning. Dr. Charles is one of the most interesting doctors on the show to begin with. 

4. "Malignant" This was the solid or the middle episode that brought the Chicago teams (Fire, PD, and Med) together in the special two night crossover. If you haven't seen this, it's a must see. Rhodes treats Hermann but his condition takes a dramatic turn and had to perform emergency surgery on him. Severide and Rhodes butted heads on the treatment Hermann was getting, as there was another way he could have been treated. But also along with that came a storyline of the doctors discovering a possible patient who looked to have attempted suicide was receiving high dose of chemotherapy for cancer that she never had, which set the tone for the episode on Chicago PD, "I'm Not God." The levels of emotions to up and down like a roller coaster. 

3. "Choices:" This episode was one not taken too lightly about, I would think. In this episode, Dr. Halstead makes a decision to resuscitate a patient with stage four cancer who had a DNR in place. Halstead sees this patient, a mother and wife , who is about was die and sees that what she has could be treated and the treatments that are there to help her. We learn that Halstead's mother died of cancer and he kind of reflect that on to the patient, trying to save her and all. What it got was a dance with Goodwin that's never any fun. 

2. "Intervention":  It's a topic that we talk about a lot. In this episode, Dr. Manning diagnoses a young girl with an infectious bacterium, but the problem relies on the kid's parents as they don't want her vaccinated. The writers really take the topics of medicine today and really force it or show us that it's very important to vaccinate. 

1. "Timing" This episode re-aired last Thursday at 10/9c, which gave me a thought that it was the first time that I've seen a medical drama on that night and tine since 2009 (ER). But anyway, This episode was special in every way. You see Dr. Downey has been looking at Rhodes throughout the season and grab him to do a cardio fellowship. So Downey was his mentor, but there's a long story that I'll just make it short, Downey was dying of cancer. In this episode, Rhodes learns that the cancer had spread from his liver to the brain. 

There was nothing that they could do, but Downey ask Rhodes to do him one last favor and that was the check out early. He did and filled his wishes by dumping his ashes out in the ocean. Also another thing in this episode, we've seen Reese go through a lot as a medical student, the challenges and such. She was really looking forward to pathology as she did like taking care of patents, but that all changed when she and Manning treated a baby who just needs to be on a special diet. That baby help changed her mind and wants to work in the ED, but she matched in pathology and she can't do anything, so she left ad has no job. But she did get a word of encouragement from Dr. Charles. This was heartbreaking, heartwarming and down right funny all in one and it was the season finale. They really ended the season on a high note. 

Chicago Med is by far, hands down, the best medical drama on television right now! Not since ER or House, MD. have I ever been engaged with a medical drama like this. The show delivers! This cast is outstanding!! It the show that can't be beat! And I'm not the only one who thinks so too: 


Coming into the new season: A new triangle between Halstead, Manning and Jeff Clarke (former fire fighter from Chicago Fire). Rhodes gets a new mentor. Get ready to meet Dr. Charles' oldest daughter. Even though Halstead is now the attending physician, he's got a lot of responsibility that will have him at points where he hates the most: paying bills and teaching. Ethan becomes the chief resident and April's long road recovery with tuberculosis (as she was diagnosis in the season finale).

A lot to look forward into the new season.

You can catch Chicago Med tonight at 9/8c on NBC.