#ChicagoMed (S2, Ep. 10-13) "Heart Matters"/"Graveyard Shift"/"Mirror Mirror"/"Theseus' Ship" Recap/Review

"Heart Matters"

A blast from the blast leaves one nurse on the sidelines while a case of a transplant takes a swift turn.


"Heart Matters" was, once again, another great hour of television. There were so many, many moments in this episode that stood out the most. Here's my top moments that really stood out.


1. Maggie and the CPD officer: In one of the most intense encounters, the officer that arrested Maggie last season comes in Med after a fall. She comes in and leaves Maggie stunned. The officer's husband not wanting to deal with Maggie, Trudy gets Goodwin to switch nurses and go with April. But Maggie opens up to the officer about what she does to help her patients like what they do to protect/serve the people. Soon, it was time for the patient to go up to OR and a line of officers from hall to hall were present as she was taken to the room and just before taking out her organs, they announced her name on call one last time.


2. Manning against the Troll: After last week's twisted medical story, Manning had to present at the MMA, for which she went over what happen and learned from what her experience was and in the future. With pressure for her, Jeff doesn't seem to be the kind to help, even being a student he came in and told the Troll that he should layoff on her, like a knight. That totally embarrassed Manning and kind of didn't help their relationship, but it served a good purpose with Manning and Halstead as he seemed to be her steady rock trough it all.   


3. The Heart of the Matter: With the officer being a donor, that gave a chance for Rhode's patient, who needed a heart transplant to come in, but took a detour because she and her daughter got into an accident due to her being under the influence of alcohol. After learning about the alcohol she had had, the Medical Advisers Broad denied her of the transplant, but she didn't really care because her daughter was in need of surgery. But after hearing of the bad news, apparently there was a donor in California that's a match but being that long of a flight, the heart went back to the mother.  This story was literally one of the heartbreaking and uplifting moments as well.


I can't say enough how Chicago Med has really been lay down some of their best stuff so far. The writing has been nothing but solid and heartfelt and entertaining. The cast does a really great job as a group in this episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

"Graveyard Shift"

There's a saying "Full Moon, Saturday Night." If you ever watched ER, in it's first season, there was an episode that took on the night shift of the hospital and things were crazy. This episode was close to it.


Halstead, Jeff and a resident worked together on three kids who happen to get high on something, maybe spice, that really sent them down pretty badly. It was to the point that one of them needed to be dialysis. Well, with Halstead and Jeff managing well, the resident that was working with them, was literally overwhelmed with all that he was taken in and even the Troll wasn't a big help either. It was so bad that he was drunk and had to be walked out. 


Choi gets Goodiwn's word about helping a patient with a heart issue. When they got Rhodes to do it, it wasn't til Choi tells him that the patient happens to be a panda. How freaking cute!!! Good news, the panda was saved after a few issues during surgery but Med is really going to have a great PR moment for a while. 


Reese decides to work the night shift to see to that her patient will be treated correctly but she didn't know that she would be on call to call time of death to some patients. After working on the two of them, pretty good, (the second one was Dr. Latham's which is awkward!) she gets a call about her own patient had just died and called it too. She couldn't process it anymore and meets with Dr. Charles and tells him that she'll do therapy because she didn't know how to handle all of this and didn't want to disappoint him. We learn that she talked to her mother about working in psych at the hospital but didn't care it was to that point that she was trying to prove her wrong about it. 


Dr. Latham has been an interesting man to watch lately as he figures out that he has Aspergers and asked Dr. Charles for help. Charles recommends some kind of shock therapy that only does it for a small amount and for a twenty minute session. For which after his encounter with Reese about not understand everyone's emotion, he goes back to Charles and asked for that shock therapy for which it has helped, but for how long?   


I enjoyed this episode a lot that it had, entertainment, a cute animal, emotion and something to learn about: don't jinx someone on having a good night. I though Lathan, Reese and even Charles and his daughter sharing a moment were some really great story plots in this episode. I wish that Halstead would be more caring a little bit with that resident, but it's Halstead, his brother Jay is that way sometimes too. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.


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"Mirror Mirror"

Talk about a brilliant hour of television. 


"Mirror, Mirror" is an episode that I'm sure will be remember down the road as such a cleaver, creative episode. Let's recap this:


Halstead gets followed by the Troll, who happens to be taping promo videos for the hospital website, after an interesting patient (organs in the opposite place in it's body). So clever that Rhodes took the case. But later on when a patient who seems to have sinus issue, so the Troll gives him a steroid and off he goes but Halstead sees something that he doesn't like and pushes to get him tested. After test results come him, it turns out he has a tumor, but Halstead thinks that the tape the Troll has might be too much. Halstead talked to the patient about terminate the release forms for privacy, but the guy didn't want to do it because he's finally doing something that he will be recognized for.


Choi and Jeff treats a patient who happens to have a gun in his...well....butt. Let's just say it was all the way up there and it was loaded. Choi and Jeff try to get it out in the ED and Reese sees the opportunity to talk to the guy but he really didn't want to talk. After the gun went off, going through the body and hitting Jeff, Choi gets the gun out and takes the kid to the OR. 


Reese tries to open up to the kid one more time about talking to her, but he doesn't and would never want to talk to anyone. He tells her that she doesn't know what she wants and that took to her mind to look herself in the mirror and talk to herself about what she sees, during a session with Dr. Charles' therapist. 


But the interesting story came when Manning treats a mother and daughter and an accident. The mother is all cut up on the forehead but it was the daughter that seemed to be interesting as she isn't even hurt but she feels like something is wrong. After tests show nothing, Manning goes to Charles for help and it turns she can feel and show signs of what other people are or is having. 


I thought this episode was just another brilliant hour of television. Such good stories and really good characters some that I'll probably remember for awhile. The writing was excellent. This will be an episode I would want to rewatch again. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10. 

"Theseus' Ship"

Chicago Med just keep it coming with it's stories and characters. 


"Theseus Ship" is probably one emotional episode and a performance that I'm sure will be remembered. 


The one story that really drew me the most out of this episode was Manning and her patient of an eight year old cancer patient. The kid has an infection but also he hasn't been taking his treatment in a while and questions the dad about it. The dad tells Manning that his son decided to stop the treatment as he doesn't want it anymore. Can you believe that? 


It was when Manning talked to the kid about taking the treatment but the kid tells her that he's ready for what's next. I literally went OMG with a tear or two going down my face. But when April pressured Manning about calling DCFS on this, she wasn't for it until the test results were back but she called for them and by the time they came it was too late as the results came showing that the cancer has been shrinking and that the infection was getting better. But the DCFS had to take the father away in handcuffs.


Everything else from Halstead/Charles/Charles and the cat lady was funny at times. The split personality patient was the second best story plot in this episode. I literally was interested in her then the cat lady to be honest. And of course, Dr. Latham and Rhodes was a very good as well. 


It was another amazing episode. I'll probably going to remember this episode with Manning's story and Reese and Charles storyline. The writing was good as well. The characters was as rich as the previous episodes. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10. 


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