#ChicagoMed (S2, Ep. 14) "Cold Front" Recap/Review

Like a cold front being the cold air, a new Chicago Med brings once again another great and powerful episode.

"Cold Front" will be most remember from it's emotional and powerful stories of our heroes facing the odds to help save their patients. If there's an episode that best describe what the show is about, it would be this very episode.

When a blizzard hits Chicago, it causes a huge pileup on the highway and it looks like everything will be coming to Med. Choi and Jeff are there to treat as much as they can along side with Casey, Severide and Bowden being there. There there was a family of four in a van, a man that was in an explosive truck and a pregnant woman that was found away from her car.

Let's start with the family: a family of four, one being a cousin, comes in as the father was taken to the OR fast, mother being treated for cuts and wounds but it was the boys that were in need of treatment. One with a hip fracture and the other a leg fracture.

Both were in dyer need of blood but with a storm and none can't come in, the hospital was low on O- blood, but there was only a couple left. It left a heavy decision time for both doctors and even the mother/aunt as to who gets the blood. The one who'll survive would be the lady's nephew. Do you think that her husband agreed with it, no he couldn't believe that she let them pick her nephew than their son.

Let's move on to probably one of the most memorable story in this episode was of Dr. Ethan Choi, who treated the burned victim from the crash. But when Dr. Latham saw him, he wanted Choi not to give him treatment because he was burned over 95 percent of his body but Choi tries to fulfill his patient's dying wish for to tell his wife how much he loves her. 

But after putting him on the vent, Rhodes tells Choi that they needed it with the shortage due to the storm. Choi takes his patient off the vent and helped him pump air til his wife gets there, but still Rhodes later wanted him to help put a tube in for another patient, at that point the patient hears what's going on and grabs his arm to tell him that it was okay to let go. I don't know about you but I was literally in tears throughout Choi's story. But here's probably another one, as soon as Choi is done with that other patient, he overhears Halstead and Manning about the son's condition and that he needed O- blood now, Choi is O- blood and gives as much as the kid needed. 

Over moments: Rhodes and Latham kind of had another good to WTF moment. Dr. Charles meets a loud patient who needed a refill but when he leaves the hospital and "his brother" calls to tell Dr. Charles that he has died, it kind of set Charles down a moody path. But here's a stunner, he really didn't die, that in fact he wanted to treat Charles badly, but he would pay the piper at the end: being held for 72 hours. And I think we might need to keep an eye on Wheller down the road, I'm a bit worried about him after the last couple of weeks. 

"Cold Front" is another great and powerful one hour of television. The writing was so powerful and the acting was on another level. I'm literally want to give Brian Tee the performance of the night, maybe even the performance of the week as he was just outstanding. Also Gehlfuss and Torrey also gave their best performance but mostly we got to see a couple of #Manstead moments. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10. 

You can catch Chicago Med when they return in the historical television Chicago Crossover event Wednesday, March 1st at 8/7c on NBC and new episodes come back March 2nd at 9/8c on NBC.