#ChicagoMed S2, Ep 15 "Lose Yourself" Recap/Review

After the previous night of #OneChicago crossover, we get another sad news of one member at Med, but also the doctors and nurses seem to lose themselves in a time where the only thing there is is to step away.

"Lose Yourself" puts our heroes in a tight spot all around with a couple dealing with no help and the other with hope. 

Rhodes gets a call of a man fell 33 story building and comes in breathing still and it's a big news cycle too. Rhodes does everything he can to get his patient through all of this and when things look to be in good shape, he goes against Goodwin's wishes to inform the press about it. But speaking too soon ruin the chances no less, after the patient's parents saw Rhodes rescuing him by opening up his chest and help beat his heat again, they asked him to do no more heroic actions. He felt like he could have done more to save him but we know there isn't much there to save. 

Reese gets a patient,who comes in as a superhero bring in a stroke patient. The hero faints and talks to Reese about why dresses up, learning his origin story. Trying to get him to think that he doesn't need his costume, she plays a trick on him by having a patient fake an MI in front of his room and gets someone to come and help him. Reese explains to him of her actions for which she tells him that besides the fake MI guy, he came and helped him all on his own and offered him a volunteer job at Med in the waking room. 

Choi and Natalie treats a paraplegic that's suffering from an infection. After searching for the cause they spot someone unknown that isn't part of his body, for which he tells them that they're stem cells and he and his wife travels to Mexico to get them put in so he can get movement back in his legs. They inform him of how badly it is to get that kind of treatment without knowing if it's clean or not. But Choi understands and tells Natalie that he has seen many in the army go through this kind of thing. 

But the story of this episode has to be April. When things look pretty good for her, but when she came to get her two week OB checkup, things took a turn for the worst as there was no heartbeat in the ultrasound. Losing her baby, she goes through grieving pretty quickly but jumps back to work, losing herself in a case of a 25 year old woman who has a bad infection in the heart. Not telling anyone, including Maggie, she sticks with her patient til things got better. But soon of later you know Maggie will find out and she did and talks to April about it. She gets a DNC and Maggie hangs with her til April's fiance gets there. Damn, it's not a good week for Team Chicago isn't it. 

This was a very good episode. The writing was solid and that Yaya DaCosta performance was very good along with Colin Donnell as well. I thought the stories really showed how each character loses themselves in a case of a situation and tries to deal with it in a different way. After the Wednesday crossover, man this hits the heart as well for April. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5.

You can catch Chicago Med Thursday nights at 9/8c on NBC.

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