#ChicagoMed S2, Ep. 16 "Prisoner's Dilemma" Recap/Review

This week's episode of Chicago Med was another intense episode. 

"Prisoner's Dilemma" really pushed our characters to their high point of what they think see is wrong to what seems to be the right thing to do. 

Manning gets a coma patient, who comes in what they think is a bladder infection, but turns out after checking with an ultrasound the patient is pregnant. The thing is that the patient has been in a coma fro five years, so they call CPD gets Erin and they try to find the person that has assaulted her. When the patient's parents come in they decide that they want to keep the baby, shocking Manning. 

Manning believes that it's wrong. When she discusses it with Maggie, she sees that the patient eyes open for a few seconds. She quickly jumps the gun and orders test on her, for which nothing shows anything that would be any good news. But when it seems to be a defeat for her, she gets a visit from the Neurosurgeon about it and checks on two things of his theory with the second one being correct that she isn't in a coma that she's paralyzed and will be able to speak by using computers and such. 

After losing her baby last week, April comes back and tries to get her mind off that matter. She helps treat a daughter, who comes in with a heart condition, but also the child's mother also becomes a problem as well when she finds her in the bathroom throwing up small bags of cocaine and flushes them down the toilet. Choi and April try to treat her and get two of the remaining bags in her, so they get one out, but the other explodes and causes her to have a cocaine heart attack. 

But Choi knows that he has to report it to Goodwin about the patient being a drug mule because it's the law, but April believes that she shouldn't go to jail because of her daughter and that it wasn't her fault. Taking it up with Goodwin, the verdict was in that no charges would be to the mother after it was an all in favor that it was only one bag of cocaine in her system. But Choi hated for what April did and was pretty pissed off about it.

Meanwhile, Reese gets a tour of the psych ward at County and meets a patient that believes that she doesn't belong there. Reese encounters with her by telling her there's no such thing as crazy, but hours later that patient comes in who drink dangerous liquids and asked to see Reese.  Charles thinks that Reese set her mind up for it and after listening to the patient, Reese thinks that she might not be that crazy, but she keeps doing harmful things to herself for which makes a tougher case. 

After taking advice from Halstead about looking back at the patient's history, Reese tells Charles that her patient was placed in a mental ward because of her mother. Finding out that cops have come in with domestic abuse complaints and took their patient away. Charles talks to Dr. Baker about it, and she takes a threat from him about rechecking her work on her patient. But there was nothing Charles or Reese could do for now, but to file a review of the patient.  

I enjoyed this episode so much. It's amazing to watch Manning go the distance for her patients, just like another someone on the ED, someone like Halstead. There were a couple of good #Manstead moments. I thought that Reese story plot was excellent and intense at times because that girl just doesn't seem to do any favors for Reese and Charles to prove that she isn't crazy. Not to mention was April did was the right thing to do, I don't care what the law says. And even though it wasn't in the recap, I thought to watch Dr. Latham telling a joke was a bit funny and confusing but also watching him calm the little girl down before surgery was heartwarming but also he gets emotionally tied while the girl as in distress as well. I thought the writing was magnificent. The performance was as good too. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Chicago Med Thursday nights at 9/8c on NBC.