#ChicagoMed S2, Ep 17 "Monday Mourning" Recap/Review

It's one of those moments that you would never see coming in this episode of Chicago Med.

"Monday Mourning" is very much what the episode describes on a regular morning, everyone doing their business at Med with all of a sudden a medical resident commits suicide by jumping off the hospital rooftop. 

Shocked by all, each doctor and nurse reflect in their different way, and it really depicts it so so well. Halstead and Choi are fighting each other heads on a case of a child with stroke-like symptoms but turns out to be a psychology issue when Charles figures out that the kid was trying to stop his parents from moving. Halstead denies at first the resident's death but comes around while Choi tries to push on by keeping the workflow going but does mourn the loss of the resident nicely at the end.  

Manning deals with a child who feels in a frozen river. With all equipment not available, they try to get the kid warm up; they had to keep his heart doing by performing CPR. And while there was some soon available equipment that was soon taken away due to another patient that saved the kid. Manning does reflect and talk to Goodwin about how she never really knew the resident and if that had made her a monster, for which it doesn't.

Also, the Reese/Rhodes story plot was excellent and kind of a little deja vu from the pilot when they both worked together on a patient that needed a balloon to stop the bleeding in around the heart. Also not only did Rhodes and Reese reflect on the resident death, he shows her that they make mistakes and learn from it and gives a great example when that same patient that he was performing heart surgery. Had a different condition that he seen before and caused that other patient to die on the table, but not this one and shows Reese how it's done. 

And also April breaks up with her finance too, which wasn't a total shock, after losing a baby and other things it just seemed the best that they break it off. But the most memorable moment came when after an all day observing the doctors and giving advice to Halstead, Choi and even Goodwin, Dr. Charles was asked of by Reese how he was doing and responded by saying not good. That respond was the pot that boiled over with emotion and grief. 

I loved this episode and enjoyed it to the fullest that not only was each actor performed so well that the writing was great and the directing was so so amazing as they capture the emotion of each doctor. Like Manning after the boy woke up and the mother apologizes to her for calling her a monster, she walks to the doctor's lounge with the camera following her and captures her overly emotional of not just the patient but the grieving as well. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10

You can catch Chicago Med Thursday nights at 9/8c on NBC.