#ChicagoMed S2 Ep. 2 "Win Loss" Recap & Review

When two babies are on the edge of death, one doctor thinks that one could help save the other, but will another doctor agree to it? 

When Manning gets a infant patient that's that eating, things take a turn for the worst as the baby's muscles aren't flexible as they should be and soon is on the vent. Test shows nothing abnormal. What the hell could be causing this kid to be this sick? 

Meanwhile, Rhodes' patient, another infant baby, hasn't been outside of the hospital after he was born. The baby is on the organ transplant list and things don't look good for him either. But when Rhodes sees Manning's patient, he discusses it with her about her patient could help his and that would put her in a bad situation. 

After testing to see if Manning's patients and Rhodes' patient are a match, they prove to be a match. The parents of Manning's patient aren't too please about it. When Manning sees the kids shoes and asked about what the baby does at the park, the mother says that she does tummy time and soon Manning gets someone from infectious disease to come down and it turns out it was an infection from the grass. Leaving Rhodes' patient waiting even longer.

Meanwhile, Halstead isn't having the best of times as he's through out almost everything that he owns and still own money.  He gets a homeless patient, who seen things 15 years ago. When Charles sees him, he and Halstead look at the CT scan and seen a tumor. 

Ethan has a medical student who is about to head out overseas. After one day of just treating gun shot victims, it takes a toll on Ethan. At the end of the day, he keeps a journal of those that he couldn't save, the one gun shot victim that died. 

Things to take away from this episode, April seems to be afraid of the situation that she's in with her boyfriend, who asked her hand in marriage two months ago, that's what Reese said. Reese tries to help her boyfriend deal with a co worker who wants to be best friends. Ouch! I understand that mu friend. And Jeff and Manning, I'm just gonna say it, they're a thing now. 

I liked this episode, it's not one of my favorites. The storyline with the babies were good and at times very concerning of what Manning would do if she really did go with Rhodes' idea. That would be something. Ethan's was interesting as we saw he teaching a student in situations and what to have when treating patients overseas. Mostly it was at the end where he wrote the patient that he lost was a wow moment. 

You can catch Chicago Med Thursday nights at 9/8c on NBC.